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List of the Top 10 Largest Navies in the World

This list of the Top 10 Largest Navies in the World takes into account those warships that are active in service and commissioned. The top 3 biggest navy: United States of America has the largest navy in the world with 12% of the total active warships in the world, followed by Russia 10% with the second largest navy, and China 8% being the third largest navy in the world. These rankings take the country's warships into consideration with the greater weight rather than the navy personnel. Research vessels, supply vessels, training vessels, and other ships without weapons and are less than 250 tonnes displacement are not counted. The number of Landing Ships includes the state's dock landing ships as well as its amphibious transport docks. The Anti-Mine Ships category takes into account both the minesweepers and minehunters of the countries. Missile Submarines are categorized as those armed with ballistic missiles -- Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) while Attack Submarines are those with cruise missiles -- Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) mounted as armaments. The navy personnel include only the active duty servicemen and women. The naval reserves are not counted.

List of the Top 10 Largest Navies in the World:

Rank 1 - United States Navy (USA)

11 Aircraft carriers
10 Amphibious assault ships
21 Landing ships
22 Cruisers
60 Destroyers
30 Frigates
2 Corvettes
100 Patrol boats
14 Anti-mine ship
18 Missile submarines
53 Attack submarines
341 Total Warships
323,700 Navy Personnel

Rank 2 - Russian Navy (RUSSIA)

1 Aircraft carriers
1 Amphibious assault ships
11 Landing ships
4 Cruisers
16 Destroyers
10 Frigates
81 Corvettes
68 Patrol boats
42 Anti-mine ship
16 Missile submarines
32 Attack submarines
282 Total Warships
140,000 Navy Personnel

Rank 3 - People's Liberation Army Navy (CHINA)

0 Aircraft carriers
2 Amphibious assault ships
25 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
26 Destroyers
51 Frigates
0 Corvettes
50 Patrol boats
27 Anti-mine ship
6 Missile submarines
52 Attack submarines
239 Total Warships
250,000 Navy Personnel

Rank 4 - Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JAPAN)

0 Aircraft carriers
2 Amphibious assault ships
3 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
10 Destroyers
40 Frigates
0 Corvettes
7 Patrol boats
29 Anti-mine ship
0 Missile submarines
18 Attack submarines
109 Total Warships
45,800 Navy Personnel

Rank 5 - Royal Navy (UK)

1 Aircraft carriers
2 Amphibious assault ships
6 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
8 Destroyers
13 Frigates
0 Corvettes
25 Patrol boats
15 Anti-mine ship
4 Missile submarines
8 Attack submarines
100 Total Warships
36,600 Navy Personnel

Rank 6 - French Navy (FRANCE)

1 Aircraft carriers
3 Amphibious assault ships
2 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
4 Destroyers
19 Frigates
0 Corvettes
15 Patrol boats
18 Anti-mine ship
4 Missile submarines
6 Attack submarines
72 Total Warships
44,000 Navy Personnel

Rank 7 - Indian Navy (INDIA)

1 Aircraft carriers
1 Amphibious assault ships
19 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
8 Destroyers
12 Frigates
24 Corvettes
32 Patrol boats
8 Anti-mine ship
1 Missile submarines
14 Attack submarines
155 Total Warships
58,350 Navy Personnel

Rank 8 - Republic of Korea Navy (SOUTH KOREA)

0 Aircraft carriers
1 Amphibious assault ships
0 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
10 Destroyers
9 Frigates
25 Corvettes
2 Patrol boats
10 Anti-mine ship
0 Missile submarines
13 Attack submarines
70 Total Warships
68,000 Navy Personnel

Rank 9 - Italian Navy / Marina Militare (ITALY)

2 Aircraft carriers
0 Amphibious assault ships
3 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
4 Destroyers
12 Frigates
8 Corvettes
14 Patrol boats
17 Anti-mine ship
0 Missile submarines
6 Attack submarines
66 Total Warships
35,200 Navy Personnel

Rank 10 - Republic of China Navy (TAIWAN)

0 Aircraft carriers
0 Amphibious assault ships
0 Landing ships
0 Cruisers
4 Destroyers
22 Frigates
0 Corvettes
12 Patrol boats
8 Anti-mine ship
0 Missile submarines
2 Attack submarines
48 Total Warships
38,000 Navy Personnel

These numbers can change anytime because countries or states have always ships under construction, ships finishing their effective life, or have future plans of purchase and other factors affecting the matters of the nation/state. Also, in the state of war, these numbers can largely increase in a short period of time, the same applies to the number of navy personnel.

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Top 10 Largest Air Force in the World

This list of the Top 10 Largest Air Force in the World is by no means accurate. Numbers are gathered from different sources. The country's military aircraft secrecy is also a big factor. The top 3 biggest air force in the world: United States of America (USA) is the largest air force in the world, followed by Russia, as the second largest air force in the world; then China being the third largest air forces in the world. 
Note that  there are discrepancies of the figures and numbers and are subject to change due to future orders, under procurement, under development, construction, decommissioned, under repair, upgrade, for disposal, phased out, secret information, classified information, and other related reasons.

Rank 1 - United States Air Force (USA):

2,132 Fighter Aircrafts
Aerial Refueling aircrafts
Attack Aircrafts
Attack Helicopters
Cargo transport aircrafts
Cargo helicopters
Electronic Warfare Aircrafts
Ground Attack Aircrafts
450 ICBMs
Multi-mission Aircrafts
Multi-mission RPAs (Remote Piloted Aircraft)
Observation aircrafts
Reconnaissance aircrafts
32 Satellites
Search and Rescue Aircrafts
Special electronic missions aircrafts
Tanker aircrafts
Trainer aircrafts
Utility aircrafts
VIP staff transport aircrafts
Weather reconnaissance aircrafts
Special Operations Squadrons Aircrafts
5,573 Total Aircrafts
329,600 Airforce Personnel

Rank 2 - Russian Air Force (RUSSIA):

252 Fighter Aircrafts
Airliner Fixed-wing aircrafts
Airborne Early Warning & Control aircrafts
Air Superiority Fighters
Attack Helicopters
Command & Control aircrafts
Ground Attack Aircrafts
Interceptor aircrafts
Reconnaissance aircrafts
Strategic Airliners
Strategic Transport Aircrafts
Strike Fighter Aircrafts
Tactical Transport Aircrafts
Training Aircrafts
Training Helicopters
Transport Helicopters
Utility Helicopters
VIP Transport aircrafts
 4,000 Total Aircrafts
160,000 Airforce Personnel

Rank 3 - People’s Liberation Army Air Force (CHINA):

1770 Fighters and Attack aircrafts
18 Aerial Refueling aircrafts
11 Airborne Early Warning - AWAC, AEW&C
Air Superiority Fighters
Attack Aircrafts
Attack Helicopter
Basic Trainer
249 Bombers
Close Air Support
632 Helicopters
Helicopter Trainer
Interceptor Fighter
Jet Trainer
Light Transport
Multirole Fighter Aircrafts
Refueling Tanker
Strategic bomber aircrafts
Supersonic Trainer
1923 Trainer Aircrafts
507 Transport and Cargo aircrafts
Transport Helicopter
26 Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
Utility Helicopters
VIP Transport
2,500 Total Aircrafts
330,000 Airforce Personnel

Rank 4 - Indian Air Force (INDIA) :

265 Fighter Aircrafts
Air superiority fighter
3 Airborne early warning aircraft
Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile (ATBM)
2 squadrons Attack helicopter
Close support aircraft
239 Ground attack force
Heavy lift helicopter
125 Interceptor aircraft
Land-based air defence systems
Light utility helicopter
Medium utility helicopter
Multi-role combat aircraft
Short-range ballistic missile (SRBM)
Strike fighter
Surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems
6 Tanker aircraft/Aerial refueling
Training aircraft
Transport aircraft
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) reconnaissance and surveillance
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) radar attack systems
VIP Transports
1,380 Total Aircrafts
127,000 Airforce Personnel

Rank 5 - Royal Air Force (UNITED KINGDOM):

240 Fighter Aircrafts
Air defence fighter aircraft
Air-to-air refuelling aircraft
Airborne early warning aircraft
Attack aircrafts
Heavy-lift support helicopters
Offensive support aircraft
Close air support
Electronic Warfare Aircrafts
Reconnaissance aircraft
Search and rescue aircraft
Strategic airlift transport
Strike fighter
Support helicopters
Tactical-airlift transport
Training aircraft
Transport aircrafts
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
VIP transport
1,004 Total Aircrafts
41,300 Airforce Personnel

Rank 6 - Armée de l’Air (FRANCE):

234 Fighter combat aircrafts
Aerial refueling
Airborne warning and control
Ground attack
Multirole fighter
Nuclear strike
Search and rescue helicopters
Signals intelligence (ELINT)
Strategic airliner
Tactical transport
Advanced trainer   
Transport helicopters
Reconnaissance UAV
Utility and training helicopters
Utility Transport
VIP Transport
Experimental aircraft
635 Total Aircrafts
58,900 Airforce Personnel

Rank 7 - Luftwaffe (GERMANY):

100 Fighter aircrafts
Aerial Refueling
Electronic Warfare
Military tactical transport aircraft
Reconnaissance aircraft
Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM)
Signals intelligence (SIGINT)
Special Air Mission
Strategic Transport
Training aircraft
Utility Helicopters
VIP Transport
428 Total Aircrafts
35,560 Airforce Personnel

Rank 8 - Israeli Air Force (ISRAEL):

396 Fighter aircrafts
Aerial firefighting
Aerial refueling
Air superiority fighter
Attack helicopters
CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning)
Electronic Warfare (EW)
Electronic signals intelligence (ELINT)
Ground attack
Heavy transport
Light transport
MALE UAV - medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Maritime patrol aircraft
Maritime patrol helicopters
Mini UAV
Multirole fighter
SEMA (Special Electronic Missions Aircraft)
Signals intelligence (SIGINT)
Strike fighter
Tactical UAV
Tactical transport
1,964 Total Aircrafts
27,000 Airforce personnel

Rank 9 - Royal Australian Air Force (AUSTRALIA):

95 Fighter/Attack aircrafts
Aerial refuelling (AAR)
Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C)
Advanced trainer
Lead-in fighter trainer
Light transport
Maritime patrol/Strike
Navigational trainer
Reconnaissance/Surveillance UAV
Strategic transport
Tactical Transport
VIP transport
254 Total Aircrafts
17,375 Airforce personnel

Rank 10 - Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JAPAN):

374 Fighter Aircrafts
Attack Aircraft
Interceptor Aircraft
Electronic Warfare Aircraft
Combat Aircraft
Trainer Aircraft
Transport Aircraft
Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C)
Transport Helicopters
Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopters
805 Total Aircrafts
45,000 Airforce Personnel

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Top 10 Most Powerful Armies in the World

Although the figures shown consists only of the Land Army Weapons, the rankings take into consideration the army personnel, army weaponry, air support, naval support, logistics, and resources available for war. How powerful a state's army is, does not solely depend on the number of soldiers, airmen, sailors, and weapons. A country who has greater number in weapons or army manpower does not necessarily mean it has a powerful army.

The table below shows the world's top 3 largest standing army: China, USA, and India. These numbers include all the active service duty personnel from all branches - army, navy, air force, marines, special troops, etc.). Though China has the largest army in the world, with a huge number of active troops of 2.28 Million, it does not mean however, that China is the most powerful army in the world. There are a number of different factors that must be taken into consideration in order to determine which country is the real most powerful army in the world.

Top 5 Largest Army in the World:  (active service duty military troops)
2,285,000 - People's Republic of China - rank 1
1,458,200 - United States of America - rank 2 
1,325,000 - India - rank 3
1,106,000 - North Korea - rank 4
1,027,000 - Russian Federation - rank 5

Top 5 Largest Military Reserve in the World:
20,000,000 - Russian Federation - rank 1
 8,200,000 - North Korea - rank 2
 8,000,000 - Republic of Korea - rank 3
 5,000,000 - Vietnam - rank 4
 2,142,800 - India - rank 5

The list and rankings below shows that China has the largest army ground troops in the world with 1.7 million active serving ground force. India has the second largest land army in the world with 1.1 million active serving ground troops. However, their overall rankings are less. As mentioned earlier, certain factors and conditions must be taken into account. How modern is the inventory of weapons and their firepower matters more. Two big factors are the amount and how powerful are the country's nuclear weapons. Another important factor are the updates, and future procurement plans of the countries. How much and how fast can they deliver the war resources to the battlefield is also an important factor to consider. Other factors if included would be a long list. Their leaders, politics, territory, war doctrines, trainings, revolution in military affairs (RMA), and war alliances also should not be neglected. For the list of the world's largest air forces and navies, visit these pages:

Top 10 Most Powerful Armies in the World:

Rank 1 - United States Army (USA)

Total Army Personnel: 561,980
M1 Abrams Tanks: 8,325
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 8,000
Humvee - Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle:    160,000
M2 Bradley - Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 6,452
M3 Bradley - Reconnaissance vehicle: 1,200
M113 - Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 6,700
Stryker - Armored personnel carrier (APC): 3,000
M88 Hercules - Armored recovery vehicle: 676
M109 - Self-propelled howitzer: 1,934
Avenger - Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon: 1,000
M119 Howitzer: 500
M198 Howitzer: 653
M777 Howitzer: 638
HIMARS -    Multiple rocket launcher: 340
M270 - Multiple rocket launcher: 990
Mortars: 7,500
Patriot - Surface-to-air missile (SAM): 1,106
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 2,100
Army Fixed-wing Aircraft: 261
Army Helicopters: 4,993
UAV: 132
M9 - Combat engineering vehicles: 447
Logistical Vehicles: 267,240
Total Land Army Weapons: 56,000

List of US Army equipment inventory:

M1 Abrams - Main battle tank

Land Vehicles:
Humvee -    High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)  
Stryker - Armored personnel carrier   
M113 - Armored personnel carrier   
M2 Bradley - Infantry fighting vehicle       
M3 Bradley - Reconnaissance vehicle       
M88 Hercules - Armored recovery vehicle   
M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) - Multiple rocket launcher       
M270 - Multiple rocket launcher       
Centurion - Anti-Projectile Vehicle        
Avenger - Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon        
Patriot - Surface-to-air missile      
M109 Self-propelled howitzer       
M119 Howitzer      
M198 Howitzer       
M777 Howitzer       
M9 - Combat engineering vehicle      
M939 Truck  
FMTV Truck - Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)       
HEMTT - Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT)          
HETS (Heavy Equipment Transport System) Truck          
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles

Fixed-wing Aircraft:
C-12 Huron - Cargo/Transport Aircraft
C-23 Sherpa - Cargo/Transport Aircraft
C-26 Metroliner - Cargo/Transport Aircraft
RC-12 Huron - Reconnaissance Aircraft
Cessna UC-35 - Utility Aircraft
de Havilland Canada Dash 7 -     airborne reconnaissance aircraft
Alenia C-27J Spartan - transport aircraft

AH-6 Little Bird - Attack Helicopter   
AH-64 Apache - Attack Helicopter
CH-47 Chinook - Cargo Helicopter
EH-60 Black Hawk - Electronic-Warfare Helicopter   
MH-47 Chinook - Multi-Mission Helicopter
MH-60 Black Hawk - Multi-Mission Helicopter
OH-58 Kiowa - Observation Helicopter
TH-67 Creek - Training Helicopter   
UH-1 Iroquois - Utility Helicopter
UH-60 Black Hawk - Utility Helicopter
UH-72 Lakota - Utility Helicopter

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):
MQ-1C Warrior - Extended-Range Multi-Purpose (ERMP) UAV

Spearhead high speed logistics ship - Theater Support Vessel    
General Frank S. Besson, Jr.  class Logistics Support Vessel - Logistics Support Vessel
Stalwart class ocean surveillance ship - Ocean Surveillance Ship
Runnymede class large landing craft - Landing Craft Utility
MGen. Nathanael Greene class large coastal tugs - Large Tug

Personal Weapons:
M9 pistol
M16 rifle
M4 carbine
M1911 pistol
M231 Firing Port Weapon (FPW)
Mk 14 EBR - Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR)
M14 Rifle
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
M249 Light Machine Gun
M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS)
M110 Semi-automatic sniper system (M110 SASS)
M110 Sniper Rifle
Barrett M82
M9 bayonet 
M203 grenade launcher (40mm) 
M320 grenade launcher (40mm) 
XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle (ESR)
SIG Sauer P228
.300 Winchester Magnum
FN SCAR -  Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle or SCAR
Mossberg 500
Benelli M4 Super 90
Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDM-R)

Support Weapons:
Machine guns:
M60 machine gun
M240 Medium Machine Gun
M2 Heavy Machine Gun 
MK 19 grenade machine gun
Mk 19 grenade launcher

AT4 light anti-tank weapon

FGM-148 Javelin 3rd generation fire & forget top-attack anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)
BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command data link)  2nd generation wire guided anti-tank missile (ATGM)
FIM-92 Stinger - shoulder-launched, heat seeking anti-aircraft missile (AAM)

M224 mortar - 60 mm infantry company level
M252 mortar - 81 mm infantry battalion level
M120 mortar - 120 mm (US Army's largest mortar) employed by mechanized units

Vehicle-Mounted Weapons:
M240, MK 19, and M2 machine guns
M134 Minigun
GAU-19  (.50 caliber ammunition mounted on Humvees & Helicopters)
M230 Autocannon (mounted on AH-64 Apache & UH-60 Black Hawk Direct Action Penetrator helicopters)
M230 Chain Gun
M242 Autocannon (armaments of Bradley Fighting Vehicle, anti-air & anti-surface naval armaments)
M242 Chain Gun

5.56x45mm NATO
7.62x51mm NATO
9x19mm NATO
12.7x99mm NATO
25x137mm NATO
30x113mm NATO
12 gauge
45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)
Hand grenades
M67 fragmentation grenade
M18 smoke grenade

Most common weapons used by US Army:
M16 rifle
M4 carbine
M203 grenade launcher
M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun (Mossberg 590 Shotgun)

Most common sniper weapons used in the U.S. Army:
M14EBR   M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle
M24 Sniper Weapon System
M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

Most commonly used machine gun in the US Army:
M240 standard medium machine gun
M2 heavy machine gun
MK 19 grenade machine gun

Primary sidearm in the U.S. Army:
9 mm M9 pistol

Commonly used U.S. Army specialized weapon:
M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon)

Most common hand grenades used by U.S. Army:
M67 fragmentation grenade
M18 smoke grenade

US Army's most commonly used land vehicle:

US Army's main artillery weapons:
M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

US Army's most commonly used aircrafts:
AH-64 Apache attack helicopter
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armed reconnaissance/light attack helicopter
UH-60 Black Hawk utility tactical transport helicopter
CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift transport helicopter

Rank 2 - Ground Forces of the Russian Federation (RUSSIA)

Total Army Personnel: 360,000
Tanks: 6,500
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 14,000
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 6,000
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 6,400
Self-propelled Artillery (SPA): 3,500
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 6,000
Self-Propelled Surface to Air Missiles (SAM): 2,500
Towed Artillery: 7,550
Mortars: 2,600
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 4,600
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 900
Logistical Vehicles: 12,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 91,000

List of Russian Army equipment inventory:

T-90 Main battle tank (MBT)
T-80 Main battle tank
T-72 Main battle tank
T-64 Main battle tank
T-62 Main battle tank
T-55 Main battle tank

Field artillery:
152 mm Howitzer
130 mm Field Gun
122 mm Howitzer
120 mm Howitzer
100 mm Anti-Tank Gun

Self-propelled artillery:
203 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
152 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
122 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
240 mm Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
120 mm Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
125 mm Tank Destroyer
130 mm Self-Propelled gun

Rocket Artillery:
300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
220 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
220 mm Thermobaric Rocket Launcher
1x6 300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
2x6 300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
2x8 220 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
2x15 122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

Armoured fighting vehicles:
Heavy Armored Personal Carrier
Armoured personnel carrier
Airborne Armoured personnel carrier
Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Infantry fighting vehicle
Airborne Infantry fighting vehicle
Armoured reconnaissance vehicle
Anti Tank Missile Carrier
Tank Support Combat Vehicle

Air Defence Vehicle:
Long range strategic SAM
Medium range SAM
Short range SAM
Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon (SPAAG)

Tactical Ballistic Missile Systems:
Tochka-U  Tactical ballistic missile - 482 kg warhead, 100 kt nuclear,  maximum 120 km missile range
Iskander-E  Tactical ballistic missile - 480 kg warhead,  maximum 400 km missile range

Mobile Land Attack Cruise Missiles:
Iskander-K Cruise Missile

Coastal Defence Missile Systems:
Mobile Land Based Anti Ship Missile
Mobile Land Based Anti Ship Cruise Missile

Rocket and missile systems:
Shoulder-launched missile weapon
Rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)
Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)
Man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS)

Logistics and utility vehicles:
Light Utility Vehicle
Amphibious Light Utility vehicle
Armored Car
Light cargo truck
Medium cargo truck

Anti-personnel mine
Anti-tank mine

Infantry weapons:
Small arms:
Semi-automatic pistol
Silenced semi-automatic pistol
Machine pistol
Silenced machine pistol
Assault rifle
Silenced assault rifle
Sniper rifle
Suppressed sniper rifle
Anti-material rifle
Light machine gun
Submachine gun
General purpose machine gun
Heavy machine gun

Grenades and grenade launchers:
Hand grenade
Under-barrel grenade launcher
Multi-shot grenade launcher
Automatic grenade launcher

Rank 3 - People's Liberation Army Ground Force (CHINA)

Total Army Personnel: 1,700,000
Tanks: 7,000
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 1,200
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 2,200
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 5,500
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 2,400
Towed Artillery: 25,000
Mortars: 1,000
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 750
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 2,500
Helicopters: 575
Logistical Vehicles: 55,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 47,500

List of Chinese Army equipment inventory:

Main battle tanks:
Type 1337 "Vigorous Dragon"
Type 99 MBT (Main battle tank)
Type 98
Type 96
Type 90
Type 88
Type 79 Main battle tank
Type 59
Type 58

Light tanks:
Type 62 Light tank
Light amphibious assault vehicle/tank
Amphibious tank/assault vehicle
Amphibious assault vehicle/tank
Type 63 Amphibious light tank
Type 62 light tank

Infantry fighting vehicles:
Type 07 IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built
Type 91 IFV
Amphibious infantry fighting vehicle
Airborne infantry fighting vehicle
Infantry fighting vehicle
Type 92 amphibious IFV - 6X6 and 8X8 variants  in service
Type 90 - IFV
Type 89 - IFV
Type 86

Armored personnel carriers:
Type 89 - Main service APC
Type 07 - IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built
ZFB08 - IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer
Type 85 - Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)
Type 81 - Armored personnel carrier
Type 77 - Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier
Type 63 - Armored Personnel Carrier
Light armoured fighting vehicles

Rocket artillery:
WM-40 - 273 mm
Type 90 AFV
Type 85/YW 306 - 23 mm rocket artillery guns
Type 65 - rocket system
SY-400 - strategic MLRS
8 & 4 tube 320 mm multiple launch rocket system
10 tube 300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher System
273 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems
Type 89 - 40 tube 122 mm multiple launch rocket system
Type 90 (on a Tiema SC2030 6X6 flatbed truck)
302/400 mm
300 mm
284 mm
107 mm
122 mm
130 mm
130X130 mm
30 x 130 mm
19X130 mm
40X122 mm
12X122 mm

Gun artillery:
122mm SP howitzer
Type 96 - SP howitzer
Type 07 - IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built 105 mm 
Type 91 - 3 x 152 mm
105mm variant
ZBL-09 Snow Leopard - IFV, APC 155 mm
ZBL-09 Snow Leopard - twin 120 mm mortar variant
ZBL-09 Snow Leopard - 122 mm mortar
PLZ-04 - 54 calibre
PLZ-52 - 155 mm
PLZ-05 - 105 mm
Type 59 - 100 mm
Type 56 - 85 mm
Type 55 - 57 mm anti-tank
Type 55 - 160 mm self-propelled mortar
Type 54 - 76 mm anti-tank
203 mm self-propelled howitzer
155 mm self propelled howitzer
152 mm self-propelled
105 mm self propelled howitzer
122 mm self-propelled
120 mm self-propelled
 82 mm self propelled
IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built
81 mm automatic mortar carrier
155 mm towed gun/howitzer
152 mm towed gun/howitzer
122 mm towed howitzer
122 mm anti-tank gun
120 mm amphibious mortar carriers
 82 mm  amphibious mortar carriers

Anti-tank guns:
122 mm
120 mm
105 mm
100 mm
 85 mm
 76 mm
 57 mm

Anti-aircraft munitions:
Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns:
anti-aircraft gun - 2 X 37 mm
self-propelled anti-aircraft - 2 X 57 mm
4 X fire-and-forget QW-2 missiles
4 X 25mm
2 X 35mm
2 X 37 mm
2 X 23 mm
4 X 25 mm

7 X 30 mm autocannon
2 X 37mm auto cannon
2 X 37 mm, twin barrel automatic air defense gun
2 X 35 mm
2 X 25 mm
2 X 23 mm
SG ADS - 23 mm towed
100 mm auto cannon
 85 mm
 57 mm autocannon
 25 mm

Surface-to-air missiles:
SAM-CM - Longest range Chinese SAM
anti-satellite missile/anti-ballistic missile
anti-ballistic missile (ABM)
Highly advanced SAM system
GARGOYLE anti-aircraft missiles
Land and naval based anti-aircraft missile
Short ranged SAM
Short to medium ranged SAM
Anti-helicopter missile
Air-to-air missile
ADS towed system
YT ADS mobile systems
Vanguard MANPADS and mobile platforms
4 x 4 vehicle mounted mobile FN-6 SAM system

Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS or MPADS):
Anza (missile)
QW - series

Missiles and projectile weapons:
Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs):
anti-tank rocket
anti-tank guided missile

Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) carriers:
ATGM carriers
Type 63 ATGM carriers

Army Ground Force Aircraft:
unmanned attack helicopter
attack helicopter
combat helicopter
multi-role light helicopter
utility helicopter

Combat support vehicles:
armored command vehicle
armored command post
armored reconnaissance vehicle
armored communications relay vehicle
maintenance engineering vehicle
armored refuelling vehicle
mine-laying vehicle
obstacle-removing vehicle
RECCE radar carrier
armored re-supply
armored repair vehicle (ARV)
Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC)

Non-combat vehicles:
Bridge laying tank
Heavy Equipment Transporter
armored recovery vehicles
amphibious recovery vehicles
amphibious command vehicles
amphibious artillery ammunition carrier
amphibious armored ambulances
tracked all-terrain multipurpose vehicle
tracked tractors
0.5 ton lightweight 4x4 vehicle
1.5 ton lightweight vehicle
2.5 ton trucks
3.5 ton trucks
6x6 trucks
5 ton 6x6 heavy duty trucks
7 ton 6x6 trucks
7.5 ton 6x6 heavy duty trucks
10x8 20 ton series special heavy duty trucks
20 ton 8x8
25 ton 8x8
28 ton 10x10 heavy duty trucks
30 ton 10x10
42 ton 12x12 series special heavy duty trucks

Infantry equipment:
Officer's sidearm
Submachine Guns
Assault Rifle
Service Rifles
Nonlinear Line Of Sight Weapons
General-purpose machine gun
Light purpose machine gun
14.5 mm Heavy machine guns
12.7 mm Heavy machine guns
Standard Sniper rifle
Intergalactic sniper rifle
Anti-material sniper rifle
5.8 mm sniper rifle
Battle rifle
Marksmen rifle
Shoulder fired weapons
120 mm Anti-tank rocket launcher
80 mm fuel air explosive rocket launcher
80 mm Lightweight Anti-tank rocket launcher
2x62mm Rocket launcher
40 mm RPG launcher
Type 91 grenade launcher
Automatic grenade launchers - Type 91, QBL-06, Type 87, Type 420 Omega
Type 59 Hand grenades
Type 42 Hand grenades
Type 82 Hand grenades
Type 01 Hand grenades
12.7 mm Anti-aircraft guns
23 mm Anti-aircraft guns

Rank 4 - Indian Army (INDIA)

Total Army Personnel: 1,129,900
Tanks: 4000
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 51,000
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 2200
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 500
Self-propelled Artillery (SPA): 230
Towed Artillery: 9500
Mortars: 5000
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 15,500
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 290
UAV: 170
Helicopters: 190
Logistical Vehicles: 70,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 75,100

List of Indian Army equipment inventory:

Arjun Main battle tank
T55 Main battle tank
T72 Main battle tank
T90 Main battle tank

Combat vehicles:
Infantry fighting vehicle
Tank destroyer
Mortar Carrier
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Reconnaissance vehicle
Battlefield surveillance system

Field gun
Self-propelled artillery
Multiple rocket launcher

Missile systems:
Anti-tank guided missiles:
Cannon lauch Anti-tank guided missile
Anti-tank guided missile

Ballistic and cruise missiles:
Brahmos Cruise missile
Short-range ballistic missile
Medium-range ballistic missile
Hypersonic Glide Missile
Tactical Ballistic Missile
Intermediate-range ballistic missile

Air defence missiles and systems:
Anti-ballistic missile
Strategic Surface-to-air missile
Strategic SAM system
Surface-to-air missile
Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Anti-aircraft artillery

Army Aircraft:
Attack/utility helicopter
Utility helicopter
Reconnaissance UAV

Engineering and support vehicles:
Armoured vehicle-launched bridge
Vehicle launched bridge
Amphibious Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV)
Amphibious Armoured Bulldozer
Armoured recovery vehicle

Mine protected and mine clearing vehicles:
Armoured personnel carrier
Mine clearing vehicle
Mine protected Vehicle
Bomb disposal robot

Utility and miscellaneous vehicles:
Light Utility Vehicle
Fast attack vehicle
Light 4x4 truck
Medium 4X4 truck
Medium Amphibious truck
Medium truck
Medium 4x4
6x6 Medium Truck
Heavy 4x4 truck
6x6 Heavy trucks
8x8 Heavy trucks
10x10 Heavy trucks
12x12 Heavy trucks

Infantry Weapons:
Small Arms:
Semi-automatic pistol
Sub-machine gun
Assault rifle
Battle rifle
Sniper Rifle
Anti-material rifle
M4A1 Carbine
General purpose machine gun
Heavy machine gun

Explosives, rockets and missile systems:
Hand grenade
Grenade launcher (40mm)
Automatic grenade launcher (30mm)
Recoilless rifle (84mm)
Rocket propelled grenade (40mm)
Rocket launcher (82mm)
Man-portable air-defense system

Rank 5 - British Army (UNITED KINGDOM)

Total Army Personnel: 142,620
Tanks: 345
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 4,000
APCs / IFVs: 4,300
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 120
Towed Artillery: 135
Mortars: 2560
Armored Vehicles: 6,030
Armoured Patrol Vehicles: 12,000
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 650
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 42
Fixed-wing Army aircraft: 12
Helicopters: 206
Engineer Equipment: 621
Logistical Vehicles: 16,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 11,630

List of British Army equipment inventory:

Challenger 2  Main Battle Tank

Anti-tank weapons:
Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-tank Weapon (MBT LAW)
Main Battle Tank Light Armour Weapon (MBT LAW)
FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher

Combat vehicles:
Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) and Recconnaisance
APC and Biological warfare
Light APC and Patrol
Tactical Support
Command and Liaison
Protected Support Combat Vehicle
Light Protected Patrol Vehicle

Artillery and air defence:
Self-propelled 155mm howitzer
Towed 105mm howitzer
Rocket artillery
Surface-to-air missile (SAM)
Short Range Air Defence System (SHORAD)
High Velocity Missile

51 mm Light Mortar
60 mm Mortar
81mm mortar

Anti-structure weapons:
Light Anti-Structures Missile
Anti-Structures Munition

CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) equipment:
Fuchs NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) reconnaissance vehicle
Integrated Biological Detection System (IBDS)

Engineer and Engineering equipment:
Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
Armoured Repair Vehicle
Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle
Mechanised Combat Recovery Vehicle (Repair)
Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
Minefield Breaching vehicle
Anti-tank Mine layer
Minefield Breaching System
Self-propelled Amphibious Bridging vehicle
Mine protected Clearance Vehicle

Explosive devices detector:
Dragon Runner man-portable robot 

Logistic equipment:
All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP)
Support Vehicles
Close Support Tanker
BR-90 Modular Bridges

Fixed wing
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
Mini Unmanned Air Vehicle (MUAV)

B (unarmoured) vehicles:
Land Rover
Quad bikes
Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS)
High-mobility vehicles
Springer All-Terrain Vehicle
Harley Davidson MT350E
Honda R250 motorcycles
Heavy transport
Tank Transporter
Heavy Equipment Transporter

Communications equipment and personnel equipment:
Bowman (communications system)
Mobile Artillery Battlefield Radar
Man-portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar (MSTAR)
Surveillance System and Range Finder
Reacher Satellite Ground Terminal
The Joint Operational Command System
The Army Tactical Computer System
Personal Role Radio (PRR)
The Falcon Secure Trunk Communication System
DII(F) - Defence Information Infrastructure
Personal Load Carrying Equipment
Skynet family of military satellites

Landing craft and assault boats:
MK 6 Assault boat
Rigid Raider
Combat Support Boat (CSB)
Ramped Craft Logistic

Infantry section equipment:
L85A2 with UGL
Minimi light machine gun
L129A1 DMR
84mm Antitank Weapon
Light Anti Structure Munition
White Phosphorus smoke grenades
High explosive grenades
Smoke grenades

Infantry Vision systems:
Sight Unit Small Arms, Trilux (SUSAT)
Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) - used with L129A1 DMR
Image intensified Common Weapon Sights
TAM 14 small Thermal Imaging System
Head Mounted Night Vision System (HNVS)
VIPER 2+ thermal imaging weapon sight
Commanders target locating system (CTLS)

Infantry section Communications Equipments:
Personal Role Radio (PRR)
Bowman secure VHF Radio

Browning Pistol
P226 SIG Pistol

Rifles and shotguns:
Rifle 5.56
Light Support Weapon
Sharpshooter rifle
Heckler & Koch
Sniper rifle
Long-range rifle
Combat Shotgun

Machine guns:
Minimi light machine gun
FN MINIMI 7.62 Machine Gun
General-purpose machine gun
Heavy machine gun
Heckler & Koch 40mm Grenade Machine Gun

Protective equipment:
Mk.6 and Mk.7 Helmet
Osprey body armour and Osprey Assault body armour

Rank 6 - Turkish Land Forces (TURKEY)

Total Army Personnel: 402,000
Tanks: 3900
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 47,500
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 650
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 5700
Self-propelled Mortar (SPM): 395
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 1105
Howitzers: 1925
Mortars: 8840
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 5,400
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 360
UAV: 152
Helicopters: 435
Logistical Vehicles: 24,500
Total Land Army Weapons: 69,700

List of Turkish Army equipment inventory:

Leopard Main battle tank
M60 Main battle tank
M48 Main battle tank

Armored fighting vehicles & Armored Personnel Carriers:
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armored personnel carrier
Tank destroyer
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle

Field artillery:

Self-propelled artillery:
Self-propelled mortar
Self-propelled howitzer

Rocket and missile systems:
Multiple rocket launcher
Short-range ballistic missile
Surface-to-surface missile

Anti-aircraft Weapons:
Towed Anti-Air artillery
Anti-aircraft gun

Self Propelled Anti-Air Defence:
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Short Range Air Defence System

Army Aircraft:
Rotary transport
Utility helicopter
Utility/Attack convertible helicopter
Utility and training helicopter
Attack helicopter
Observation helicopter

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles:
Mini UAV

Engineering and maintenance vehicles:
Armored recovery vehicle

Logistics and Utility vehicles:
Light Utility vehicle
Special operations vehicle
Light utility truck
2.5 ton truck
5 ton truck
10 ton truck
Heavy utility truck
Medium equipment truck
Heavy equipment truck

Infantry equipment, small arms weapons:
Semi-automatic pistol
Semi-automatic shotgun
Submachine gun
Battle rifle
Assault rifle
Sniper rifle
Semi-automatic sniper rifle
Anti-material rifle
Light machine gun
Heavy Machine Gun
General purpose machine gun

Infantry Explosives, rockets and missile systems:
Underbarrel grenade launcher
Automatic grenade launcher
Rocket-propelled grenade
Anti-tank rocket
Anti-tank guided missile
Man-portable air-defense system

Infantry Protective equipment:
Combat helmet
Personal armor

Rank 7 - Republic of Korea Army or ROK Army (SOUTH KOREA)

Total Army Personnel: 520,000
Tanks: 2,300
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 1900
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 1830
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 400
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 1675
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 1800
Towed Artillery: 4900
Mortars: 2000
Armored Vehicles: 2,500
Guided missile systems (GMS): 30
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 2600
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 200
Helicopters: 600
Logistical Vehicles: 8600
Total Land Army Weapons: 13,300

List of South Korean Army equipment inventory:

Main Battle Tank
Medium tank
Tank destroyer

Armored fighting vehicles:
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Field artillery:
105mm Towed Howitzer
155mm Towed Howitzer

Self-propelled artillery:
Self-Propelled Howitzer
Ammunition Resupply Vehicle
Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
Self-Propelled Mortar

Rocket Artillery:
Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL)
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Launcher

Air defense:
Long range Surface-to-air missile (SAM) system
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Towed Anti-Aircraft Gun
Self-Propelled Vulcan
Short-Range Self-Propelled SAM
Man-Portable Air Defense System

Anti-tank weapons:
TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire) Missile
Recoilless Rifle
Man-Portable Recoilless Rifle
Man-Portable Unguided RPG (Rocket-propelled grenade)
Man-Portable Guided RPG
Man-Portable SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight) Missile
Ultra long range fire-and-forget guided missile

Surface-to-surface missile:
Short-Range Ballistic Missile
Ground-Launched Cruise Missile
Tactical Short-Range Ballistic Missile

Utility Transport
Heavy Transport
Light Attack

Auxiliary systems:
Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
Armored Recovery Vehicle
Armored Combat Earthmover
Mine Clearing Vehicle
Mine Clearing Line Charge
Counter-Battery Radar

Wheeled Vehicles and others:
MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)
Utility Vehicle
9,096 Civil vehicles
Cargo truck

Small Arms:
Assault Carbine
Assault Rifle
Advanced Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Automatic Grenade Launcher
Light Machine Gun
General-Purpose Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Silenced Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun
Advanced Machine Gun

Rank 8 - Armée de Terre/French Army (FRANCE)

Total Army Personnel: 144,480
Tanks: 915
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 450
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 5436
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 251
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 200
Towed Howitzer: 105
Mortars: 500
Armored Vehicles: 1100
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 320
Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL): 41
Helicopters: 550
Logistical Vehicles: 13,700
Total Land Army Weapons: 10,620

List of French Army equipment inventory:

Main battle tank
Light tank
Reconnaissance combat vehicle
Training tank

Armoured personnel carriers:
Armoured personnel carrier
Tracked armoured personnel carrier
Wheeled armoured personnel carrier
Light armoured vehicle
Small protected vehicle
Mine protected vehicle

Surface to surface artillery:
155 mm self-propelled howitzer
155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer
155 mm towed howitzer
Multiple rocket launcher
120 mm mortar
 81 mm mortar

Anti-aircraft artillery:
Very short-range surface-to-air missile
Short-range surface-to-air missile
Anti-aircraft gun

Tigre attack
Tactical transport
Attack, reconnaissance and utility

Airborne battlefield surveillance radar

Tactical reconnaissance

Light transport

Unarmoured vehicles:
Utility 4x4 vehicle
Heavy truck
Medium truck
Light truck
Special Forces

Engineering vehicles:
Combat engineering vehicle

Infantry Weapons:
9 mm Pistol
.38 Spc/.357 Mag - Revolver
5.56 mm Assault rifle
7.62 mm Sniper rifle
7.62 mm- DMR rifle
Winchester Magnum Sniper rifle
12.7 mm Heavy sniper rifle
9 mm - SMG
Individual grenade launcher
5.56 mm & 7.62 mm Light machine gun
7.62 mm Light machine gun
Light machine gun
12.7 mm Heavy machine gun
Anti-tank rocket launcher
Anti-tank missiles
Glock 17

Rank 9 - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JAPAN)

Total Army Personnel: 148,000
Tanks: 928
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 2,000
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 69
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 673
Self-propelled Artillery (SPA): 422
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 317
Towed Artillery: 480
Mortars: 700
Armored Vehicles: 1950 +-
Air defense vehicles: 52
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 528
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 90
Army aircraft: 469
Helicopters: 458
Logistical Vehicles: 5,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 5,220

List of Japanese Army equipment inventory:

Type 10 - third generation Japanese main battle tank
Type 90 - main battle tank (MBT)
Type 74 - main battle tank

Infantry fighting vehicles:
Type 89 Fighting Vehicle

Self-propelled artillery:
Type 75 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
M110 howitzer
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

Towed artillery:
FH-70 Towed artillery

M2 107mm Mortar
L16 81mm Mortar
RT 120mm Mortar
Type 64 81mm Mortar
Type 96 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar

Armored vehicles:
Command and Communication Vehicle
Reconnaissance and Warning Vehicle
Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle
Light Armored Vehicle

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs):
Armored Personnel Carrier
Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier

Air defense vehicles:
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) and ASMs (Anti-ship missile):
Light Anti-Tank Missile
Anti-Tank Missile
Anti-Landing craft and Anti-Tank Missile
Surface-to-Ship Missile
Multi-Purpose Missile System
Middle range Multi-Purpose Missile System

SAMs (surface-to-air missile):
FIM-92A Stinger
Type 81 Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Type 93 Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Portable Surface-to-Air Missile

Other vehicles:
Hitachi Type 73
Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck
Toyota Type 73 Medium Truck
Isuzu Type 73 Heavy Truck
Toyota High Mobility Vehicle

Aircraft inventory:
Attack helicopter
Scout/Attack helicopter
Scout helicopter
Transport helicopter
Trainer helicopter
Unmanned observation helicopter
Utility transport
Utility helicopter
VIP helicopter

Small arms:
9mm Pistol
Machine Pistol
Howa Type 96
Howa Type 89
Howa 84RR
Howa Type 64
Rifle grenade
Sniper Rifle
5.56mm Machine Gun
Type 62 machine gun
12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
M4 Carbine
110mm Anti-tank rocket launcher - Land Attack Missile (LAM)

Rank 10 - Israeli Army/General Officer Commanding Army Headquarters (ISRAEL)

Total Army Personnel: 125,000
Tanks: 1,330
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 900
Armored Vehicle: 300
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 63
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 1,750 +
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 706
Towed Howitzer: 450 +
Mortars: 314
Air defense vehicles: 460
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 200
Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRL): 110 +
Logistical Vehicles: 7,650
Total Land Army Weapons: 12,550

List of Israeli Army equipment inventory:

Merkava Mark Main Battle Tank    l
Magach Tank

Armoured Personnel Carriers:
Armored Personnel Carrier
Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier
Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armored Vehicle

Other Vehicles:
Heavy Combat Engineering Vehicle
Combat Armored BulldozerUtility vehicle
Utility vehicle
4x4 Truck
8x12 Truck
8x8 Heavy Truck
Cargo & Ammunition Carrier
Armored Bridge Layer
Armored Recovery Vehicle
Command & Surveillance vehicle
Dune Buggy
Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Unmanned Bulldozer

Self-Propelled Howitzer
Towed Howitzer
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Self-Propelled Mortar
120mm Mortar
Missile Launching Vehicle

Air Defense:
Air Defense Vehicle
Shoulder-launched Surface-to-air missile
Anti-Aircraft Gun

Rocket and grenade launchers:
Shoulder-launched Rocket
Stand-alone Grenade Launcher
Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher
Automatic Grenade Launcher

Anti-Tank Missile
Long-range anti-tank missile

Small Arms:
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Underwater pistol
Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun and Bullpup Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Light Machine Gun
General Purpose Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Anti Materiel Rifle
Fragmentation Grenade
Stun grenade
Semiautomatic rifle
Revolving Shotgun

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