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Top 10 Most Powerful Armies in the World

Although the figures shown consists only of the Land Army Weapons, the rankings take into consideration the army personnel, army weaponry, air support, naval support, logistics, and resources available for war. How powerful a state's army is, does not solely depend on the number of soldiers, airmen, sailors, and weapons. A country who has greater number in weapons or army manpower does not necessarily mean it has a powerful army.

The table below shows the world's top 3 largest standing army: China, USA, and India. These numbers include all the active service duty personnel from all branches - army, navy, air force, marines, special troops, etc.). Though China has the largest army in the world, with a huge number of active troops of 2.28 Million, it does not mean however, that China is the most powerful army in the world. There are a number of different factors that must be taken into consideration in order to determine which country is the real most powerful army in the world.

Top 5 Largest Army in the World:  (active service duty military troops)
2,285,000 - People's Republic of China - rank 1
1,458,200 - United States of America - rank 2 
1,325,000 - India - rank 3
1,106,000 - North Korea - rank 4
1,027,000 - Russian Federation - rank 5

Top 5 Largest Military Reserve in the World:
20,000,000 - Russian Federation - rank 1
 8,200,000 - North Korea - rank 2
 8,000,000 - Republic of Korea - rank 3
 5,000,000 - Vietnam - rank 4
 2,142,800 - India - rank 5

The list and rankings below shows that China has the largest army ground troops in the world with 1.7 million active serving ground force. India has the second largest land army in the world with 1.1 million active serving ground troops. However, their overall rankings are less. As mentioned earlier, certain factors and conditions must be taken into account. How modern is the inventory of weapons and their firepower matters more. Two big factors are the amount and how powerful are the country's nuclear weapons. Another important factor are the updates, and future procurement plans of the countries. How much and how fast can they deliver the war resources to the battlefield is also an important factor to consider. Other factors if included would be a long list. Their leaders, politics, territory, war doctrines, trainings, revolution in military affairs (RMA), and war alliances also should not be neglected. For the list of the world's largest air forces and navies, visit these pages:

Top 10 Most Powerful Armies in the World:

Rank 1 - United States Army (USA)

Total Army Personnel: 561,980
M1 Abrams Tanks: 8,325
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 8,000
Humvee - Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle:    160,000
M2 Bradley - Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 6,452
M3 Bradley - Reconnaissance vehicle: 1,200
M113 - Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 6,700
Stryker - Armored personnel carrier (APC): 3,000
M88 Hercules - Armored recovery vehicle: 676
M109 - Self-propelled howitzer: 1,934
Avenger - Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon: 1,000
M119 Howitzer: 500
M198 Howitzer: 653
M777 Howitzer: 638
HIMARS -    Multiple rocket launcher: 340
M270 - Multiple rocket launcher: 990
Mortars: 7,500
Patriot - Surface-to-air missile (SAM): 1,106
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 2,100
Army Fixed-wing Aircraft: 261
Army Helicopters: 4,993
UAV: 132
M9 - Combat engineering vehicles: 447
Logistical Vehicles: 267,240
Total Land Army Weapons: 56,000

List of US Army equipment inventory:

M1 Abrams - Main battle tank

Land Vehicles:
Humvee -    High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)  
Stryker - Armored personnel carrier   
M113 - Armored personnel carrier   
M2 Bradley - Infantry fighting vehicle       
M3 Bradley - Reconnaissance vehicle       
M88 Hercules - Armored recovery vehicle   
M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) - Multiple rocket launcher       
M270 - Multiple rocket launcher       
Centurion - Anti-Projectile Vehicle        
Avenger - Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon        
Patriot - Surface-to-air missile      
M109 Self-propelled howitzer       
M119 Howitzer      
M198 Howitzer       
M777 Howitzer       
M9 - Combat engineering vehicle      
M939 Truck  
FMTV Truck - Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)       
HEMTT - Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT)          
HETS (Heavy Equipment Transport System) Truck          
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles

Fixed-wing Aircraft:
C-12 Huron - Cargo/Transport Aircraft
C-23 Sherpa - Cargo/Transport Aircraft
C-26 Metroliner - Cargo/Transport Aircraft
RC-12 Huron - Reconnaissance Aircraft
Cessna UC-35 - Utility Aircraft
de Havilland Canada Dash 7 -     airborne reconnaissance aircraft
Alenia C-27J Spartan - transport aircraft

AH-6 Little Bird - Attack Helicopter   
AH-64 Apache - Attack Helicopter
CH-47 Chinook - Cargo Helicopter
EH-60 Black Hawk - Electronic-Warfare Helicopter   
MH-47 Chinook - Multi-Mission Helicopter
MH-60 Black Hawk - Multi-Mission Helicopter
OH-58 Kiowa - Observation Helicopter
TH-67 Creek - Training Helicopter   
UH-1 Iroquois - Utility Helicopter
UH-60 Black Hawk - Utility Helicopter
UH-72 Lakota - Utility Helicopter

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs):
MQ-1C Warrior - Extended-Range Multi-Purpose (ERMP) UAV

Spearhead high speed logistics ship - Theater Support Vessel    
General Frank S. Besson, Jr.  class Logistics Support Vessel - Logistics Support Vessel
Stalwart class ocean surveillance ship - Ocean Surveillance Ship
Runnymede class large landing craft - Landing Craft Utility
MGen. Nathanael Greene class large coastal tugs - Large Tug

Personal Weapons:
M9 pistol
M16 rifle
M4 carbine
M1911 pistol
M231 Firing Port Weapon (FPW)
Mk 14 EBR - Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR)
M14 Rifle
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
M249 Light Machine Gun
M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS)
M110 Semi-automatic sniper system (M110 SASS)
M110 Sniper Rifle
Barrett M82
M9 bayonet 
M203 grenade launcher (40mm) 
M320 grenade launcher (40mm) 
XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle (ESR)
SIG Sauer P228
.300 Winchester Magnum
FN SCAR -  Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle or SCAR
Mossberg 500
Benelli M4 Super 90
Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDM-R)

Support Weapons:
Machine guns:
M60 machine gun
M240 Medium Machine Gun
M2 Heavy Machine Gun 
MK 19 grenade machine gun
Mk 19 grenade launcher

AT4 light anti-tank weapon

FGM-148 Javelin 3rd generation fire & forget top-attack anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)
BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command data link)  2nd generation wire guided anti-tank missile (ATGM)
FIM-92 Stinger - shoulder-launched, heat seeking anti-aircraft missile (AAM)

M224 mortar - 60 mm infantry company level
M252 mortar - 81 mm infantry battalion level
M120 mortar - 120 mm (US Army's largest mortar) employed by mechanized units

Vehicle-Mounted Weapons:
M240, MK 19, and M2 machine guns
M134 Minigun
GAU-19  (.50 caliber ammunition mounted on Humvees & Helicopters)
M230 Autocannon (mounted on AH-64 Apache & UH-60 Black Hawk Direct Action Penetrator helicopters)
M230 Chain Gun
M242 Autocannon (armaments of Bradley Fighting Vehicle, anti-air & anti-surface naval armaments)
M242 Chain Gun

5.56x45mm NATO
7.62x51mm NATO
9x19mm NATO
12.7x99mm NATO
25x137mm NATO
30x113mm NATO
12 gauge
45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)
Hand grenades
M67 fragmentation grenade
M18 smoke grenade

Most common weapons used by US Army:
M16 rifle
M4 carbine
M203 grenade launcher
M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun (Mossberg 590 Shotgun)

Most common sniper weapons used in the U.S. Army:
M14EBR   M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle
M24 Sniper Weapon System
M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

Most commonly used machine gun in the US Army:
M240 standard medium machine gun
M2 heavy machine gun
MK 19 grenade machine gun

Primary sidearm in the U.S. Army:
9 mm M9 pistol

Commonly used U.S. Army specialized weapon:
M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon)

Most common hand grenades used by U.S. Army:
M67 fragmentation grenade
M18 smoke grenade

US Army's most commonly used land vehicle:

US Army's main artillery weapons:
M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

US Army's most commonly used aircrafts:
AH-64 Apache attack helicopter
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armed reconnaissance/light attack helicopter
UH-60 Black Hawk utility tactical transport helicopter
CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift transport helicopter

Rank 2 - Ground Forces of the Russian Federation (RUSSIA)

Total Army Personnel: 360,000
Tanks: 6,500
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 14,000
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 6,000
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 6,400
Self-propelled Artillery (SPA): 3,500
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 6,000
Self-Propelled Surface to Air Missiles (SAM): 2,500
Towed Artillery: 7,550
Mortars: 2,600
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 4,600
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 900
Logistical Vehicles: 12,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 91,000

List of Russian Army equipment inventory:

T-90 Main battle tank (MBT)
T-80 Main battle tank
T-72 Main battle tank
T-64 Main battle tank
T-62 Main battle tank
T-55 Main battle tank

Field artillery:
152 mm Howitzer
130 mm Field Gun
122 mm Howitzer
120 mm Howitzer
100 mm Anti-Tank Gun

Self-propelled artillery:
203 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
152 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
122 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
240 mm Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
120 mm Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
125 mm Tank Destroyer
130 mm Self-Propelled gun

Rocket Artillery:
300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
220 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
220 mm Thermobaric Rocket Launcher
1x6 300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
2x6 300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
2x8 220 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher
2x15 122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

Armoured fighting vehicles:
Heavy Armored Personal Carrier
Armoured personnel carrier
Airborne Armoured personnel carrier
Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Infantry fighting vehicle
Airborne Infantry fighting vehicle
Armoured reconnaissance vehicle
Anti Tank Missile Carrier
Tank Support Combat Vehicle

Air Defence Vehicle:
Long range strategic SAM
Medium range SAM
Short range SAM
Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon (SPAAG)

Tactical Ballistic Missile Systems:
Tochka-U  Tactical ballistic missile - 482 kg warhead, 100 kt nuclear,  maximum 120 km missile range
Iskander-E  Tactical ballistic missile - 480 kg warhead,  maximum 400 km missile range

Mobile Land Attack Cruise Missiles:
Iskander-K Cruise Missile

Coastal Defence Missile Systems:
Mobile Land Based Anti Ship Missile
Mobile Land Based Anti Ship Cruise Missile

Rocket and missile systems:
Shoulder-launched missile weapon
Rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)
Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)
Man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS)

Logistics and utility vehicles:
Light Utility Vehicle
Amphibious Light Utility vehicle
Armored Car
Light cargo truck
Medium cargo truck

Anti-personnel mine
Anti-tank mine

Infantry weapons:
Small arms:
Semi-automatic pistol
Silenced semi-automatic pistol
Machine pistol
Silenced machine pistol
Assault rifle
Silenced assault rifle
Sniper rifle
Suppressed sniper rifle
Anti-material rifle
Light machine gun
Submachine gun
General purpose machine gun
Heavy machine gun

Grenades and grenade launchers:
Hand grenade
Under-barrel grenade launcher
Multi-shot grenade launcher
Automatic grenade launcher

Rank 3 - People's Liberation Army Ground Force (CHINA)

Total Army Personnel: 1,700,000
Tanks: 7,000
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 1,200
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 2,200
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 5,500
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 2,400
Towed Artillery: 25,000
Mortars: 1,000
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 750
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 2,500
Helicopters: 575
Logistical Vehicles: 55,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 47,500

List of Chinese Army equipment inventory:

Main battle tanks:
Type 1337 "Vigorous Dragon"
Type 99 MBT (Main battle tank)
Type 98
Type 96
Type 90
Type 88
Type 79 Main battle tank
Type 59
Type 58

Light tanks:
Type 62 Light tank
Light amphibious assault vehicle/tank
Amphibious tank/assault vehicle
Amphibious assault vehicle/tank
Type 63 Amphibious light tank
Type 62 light tank

Infantry fighting vehicles:
Type 07 IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built
Type 91 IFV
Amphibious infantry fighting vehicle
Airborne infantry fighting vehicle
Infantry fighting vehicle
Type 92 amphibious IFV - 6X6 and 8X8 variants  in service
Type 90 - IFV
Type 89 - IFV
Type 86

Armored personnel carriers:
Type 89 - Main service APC
Type 07 - IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built
ZFB08 - IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer
Type 85 - Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)
Type 81 - Armored personnel carrier
Type 77 - Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier
Type 63 - Armored Personnel Carrier
Light armoured fighting vehicles

Rocket artillery:
WM-40 - 273 mm
Type 90 AFV
Type 85/YW 306 - 23 mm rocket artillery guns
Type 65 - rocket system
SY-400 - strategic MLRS
8 & 4 tube 320 mm multiple launch rocket system
10 tube 300 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher System
273 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems
Type 89 - 40 tube 122 mm multiple launch rocket system
Type 90 (on a Tiema SC2030 6X6 flatbed truck)
302/400 mm
300 mm
284 mm
107 mm
122 mm
130 mm
130X130 mm
30 x 130 mm
19X130 mm
40X122 mm
12X122 mm

Gun artillery:
122mm SP howitzer
Type 96 - SP howitzer
Type 07 - IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built 105 mm 
Type 91 - 3 x 152 mm
105mm variant
ZBL-09 Snow Leopard - IFV, APC 155 mm
ZBL-09 Snow Leopard - twin 120 mm mortar variant
ZBL-09 Snow Leopard - 122 mm mortar
PLZ-04 - 54 calibre
PLZ-52 - 155 mm
PLZ-05 - 105 mm
Type 59 - 100 mm
Type 56 - 85 mm
Type 55 - 57 mm anti-tank
Type 55 - 160 mm self-propelled mortar
Type 54 - 76 mm anti-tank
203 mm self-propelled howitzer
155 mm self propelled howitzer
152 mm self-propelled
105 mm self propelled howitzer
122 mm self-propelled
120 mm self-propelled
 82 mm self propelled
IFV, APC, and self-propelled howitzer built
81 mm automatic mortar carrier
155 mm towed gun/howitzer
152 mm towed gun/howitzer
122 mm towed howitzer
122 mm anti-tank gun
120 mm amphibious mortar carriers
 82 mm  amphibious mortar carriers

Anti-tank guns:
122 mm
120 mm
105 mm
100 mm
 85 mm
 76 mm
 57 mm

Anti-aircraft munitions:
Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns:
anti-aircraft gun - 2 X 37 mm
self-propelled anti-aircraft - 2 X 57 mm
4 X fire-and-forget QW-2 missiles
4 X 25mm
2 X 35mm
2 X 37 mm
2 X 23 mm
4 X 25 mm

7 X 30 mm autocannon
2 X 37mm auto cannon
2 X 37 mm, twin barrel automatic air defense gun
2 X 35 mm
2 X 25 mm
2 X 23 mm
SG ADS - 23 mm towed
100 mm auto cannon
 85 mm
 57 mm autocannon
 25 mm

Surface-to-air missiles:
SAM-CM - Longest range Chinese SAM
anti-satellite missile/anti-ballistic missile
anti-ballistic missile (ABM)
Highly advanced SAM system
GARGOYLE anti-aircraft missiles
Land and naval based anti-aircraft missile
Short ranged SAM
Short to medium ranged SAM
Anti-helicopter missile
Air-to-air missile
ADS towed system
YT ADS mobile systems
Vanguard MANPADS and mobile platforms
4 x 4 vehicle mounted mobile FN-6 SAM system

Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS or MPADS):
Anza (missile)
QW - series

Missiles and projectile weapons:
Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs):
anti-tank rocket
anti-tank guided missile

Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) carriers:
ATGM carriers
Type 63 ATGM carriers

Army Ground Force Aircraft:
unmanned attack helicopter
attack helicopter
combat helicopter
multi-role light helicopter
utility helicopter

Combat support vehicles:
armored command vehicle
armored command post
armored reconnaissance vehicle
armored communications relay vehicle
maintenance engineering vehicle
armored refuelling vehicle
mine-laying vehicle
obstacle-removing vehicle
RECCE radar carrier
armored re-supply
armored repair vehicle (ARV)
Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC)

Non-combat vehicles:
Bridge laying tank
Heavy Equipment Transporter
armored recovery vehicles
amphibious recovery vehicles
amphibious command vehicles
amphibious artillery ammunition carrier
amphibious armored ambulances
tracked all-terrain multipurpose vehicle
tracked tractors
0.5 ton lightweight 4x4 vehicle
1.5 ton lightweight vehicle
2.5 ton trucks
3.5 ton trucks
6x6 trucks
5 ton 6x6 heavy duty trucks
7 ton 6x6 trucks
7.5 ton 6x6 heavy duty trucks
10x8 20 ton series special heavy duty trucks
20 ton 8x8
25 ton 8x8
28 ton 10x10 heavy duty trucks
30 ton 10x10
42 ton 12x12 series special heavy duty trucks

Infantry equipment:
Officer's sidearm
Submachine Guns
Assault Rifle
Service Rifles
Nonlinear Line Of Sight Weapons
General-purpose machine gun
Light purpose machine gun
14.5 mm Heavy machine guns
12.7 mm Heavy machine guns
Standard Sniper rifle
Intergalactic sniper rifle
Anti-material sniper rifle
5.8 mm sniper rifle
Battle rifle
Marksmen rifle
Shoulder fired weapons
120 mm Anti-tank rocket launcher
80 mm fuel air explosive rocket launcher
80 mm Lightweight Anti-tank rocket launcher
2x62mm Rocket launcher
40 mm RPG launcher
Type 91 grenade launcher
Automatic grenade launchers - Type 91, QBL-06, Type 87, Type 420 Omega
Type 59 Hand grenades
Type 42 Hand grenades
Type 82 Hand grenades
Type 01 Hand grenades
12.7 mm Anti-aircraft guns
23 mm Anti-aircraft guns

Rank 4 - Indian Army (INDIA)

Total Army Personnel: 1,129,900
Tanks: 4000
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 51,000
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 2200
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 500
Self-propelled Artillery (SPA): 230
Towed Artillery: 9500
Mortars: 5000
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 15,500
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 290
UAV: 170
Helicopters: 190
Logistical Vehicles: 70,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 75,100

List of Indian Army equipment inventory:

Arjun Main battle tank
T55 Main battle tank
T72 Main battle tank
T90 Main battle tank

Combat vehicles:
Infantry fighting vehicle
Tank destroyer
Mortar Carrier
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Reconnaissance vehicle
Battlefield surveillance system

Field gun
Self-propelled artillery
Multiple rocket launcher

Missile systems:
Anti-tank guided missiles:
Cannon lauch Anti-tank guided missile
Anti-tank guided missile

Ballistic and cruise missiles:
Brahmos Cruise missile
Short-range ballistic missile
Medium-range ballistic missile
Hypersonic Glide Missile
Tactical Ballistic Missile
Intermediate-range ballistic missile

Air defence missiles and systems:
Anti-ballistic missile
Strategic Surface-to-air missile
Strategic SAM system
Surface-to-air missile
Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Anti-aircraft artillery

Army Aircraft:
Attack/utility helicopter
Utility helicopter
Reconnaissance UAV

Engineering and support vehicles:
Armoured vehicle-launched bridge
Vehicle launched bridge
Amphibious Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV)
Amphibious Armoured Bulldozer
Armoured recovery vehicle

Mine protected and mine clearing vehicles:
Armoured personnel carrier
Mine clearing vehicle
Mine protected Vehicle
Bomb disposal robot

Utility and miscellaneous vehicles:
Light Utility Vehicle
Fast attack vehicle
Light 4x4 truck
Medium 4X4 truck
Medium Amphibious truck
Medium truck
Medium 4x4
6x6 Medium Truck
Heavy 4x4 truck
6x6 Heavy trucks
8x8 Heavy trucks
10x10 Heavy trucks
12x12 Heavy trucks

Infantry Weapons:
Small Arms:
Semi-automatic pistol
Sub-machine gun
Assault rifle
Battle rifle
Sniper Rifle
Anti-material rifle
M4A1 Carbine
General purpose machine gun
Heavy machine gun

Explosives, rockets and missile systems:
Hand grenade
Grenade launcher (40mm)
Automatic grenade launcher (30mm)
Recoilless rifle (84mm)
Rocket propelled grenade (40mm)
Rocket launcher (82mm)
Man-portable air-defense system

Rank 5 - British Army (UNITED KINGDOM)

Total Army Personnel: 142,620
Tanks: 345
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 4,000
APCs / IFVs: 4,300
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 120
Towed Artillery: 135
Mortars: 2560
Armored Vehicles: 6,030
Armoured Patrol Vehicles: 12,000
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 650
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 42
Fixed-wing Army aircraft: 12
Helicopters: 206
Engineer Equipment: 621
Logistical Vehicles: 16,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 11,630

List of British Army equipment inventory:

Challenger 2  Main Battle Tank

Anti-tank weapons:
Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-tank Weapon (MBT LAW)
Main Battle Tank Light Armour Weapon (MBT LAW)
FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher

Combat vehicles:
Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) and Recconnaisance
APC and Biological warfare
Light APC and Patrol
Tactical Support
Command and Liaison
Protected Support Combat Vehicle
Light Protected Patrol Vehicle

Artillery and air defence:
Self-propelled 155mm howitzer
Towed 105mm howitzer
Rocket artillery
Surface-to-air missile (SAM)
Short Range Air Defence System (SHORAD)
High Velocity Missile

51 mm Light Mortar
60 mm Mortar
81mm mortar

Anti-structure weapons:
Light Anti-Structures Missile
Anti-Structures Munition

CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) equipment:
Fuchs NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) reconnaissance vehicle
Integrated Biological Detection System (IBDS)

Engineer and Engineering equipment:
Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
Armoured Repair Vehicle
Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle
Mechanised Combat Recovery Vehicle (Repair)
Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
Minefield Breaching vehicle
Anti-tank Mine layer
Minefield Breaching System
Self-propelled Amphibious Bridging vehicle
Mine protected Clearance Vehicle

Explosive devices detector:
Dragon Runner man-portable robot 

Logistic equipment:
All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP)
Support Vehicles
Close Support Tanker
BR-90 Modular Bridges

Fixed wing
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
Mini Unmanned Air Vehicle (MUAV)

B (unarmoured) vehicles:
Land Rover
Quad bikes
Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS)
High-mobility vehicles
Springer All-Terrain Vehicle
Harley Davidson MT350E
Honda R250 motorcycles
Heavy transport
Tank Transporter
Heavy Equipment Transporter

Communications equipment and personnel equipment:
Bowman (communications system)
Mobile Artillery Battlefield Radar
Man-portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar (MSTAR)
Surveillance System and Range Finder
Reacher Satellite Ground Terminal
The Joint Operational Command System
The Army Tactical Computer System
Personal Role Radio (PRR)
The Falcon Secure Trunk Communication System
DII(F) - Defence Information Infrastructure
Personal Load Carrying Equipment
Skynet family of military satellites

Landing craft and assault boats:
MK 6 Assault boat
Rigid Raider
Combat Support Boat (CSB)
Ramped Craft Logistic

Infantry section equipment:
L85A2 with UGL
Minimi light machine gun
L129A1 DMR
84mm Antitank Weapon
Light Anti Structure Munition
White Phosphorus smoke grenades
High explosive grenades
Smoke grenades

Infantry Vision systems:
Sight Unit Small Arms, Trilux (SUSAT)
Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) - used with L129A1 DMR
Image intensified Common Weapon Sights
TAM 14 small Thermal Imaging System
Head Mounted Night Vision System (HNVS)
VIPER 2+ thermal imaging weapon sight
Commanders target locating system (CTLS)

Infantry section Communications Equipments:
Personal Role Radio (PRR)
Bowman secure VHF Radio

Browning Pistol
P226 SIG Pistol

Rifles and shotguns:
Rifle 5.56
Light Support Weapon
Sharpshooter rifle
Heckler & Koch
Sniper rifle
Long-range rifle
Combat Shotgun

Machine guns:
Minimi light machine gun
FN MINIMI 7.62 Machine Gun
General-purpose machine gun
Heavy machine gun
Heckler & Koch 40mm Grenade Machine Gun

Protective equipment:
Mk.6 and Mk.7 Helmet
Osprey body armour and Osprey Assault body armour

Rank 6 - Turkish Land Forces (TURKEY)

Total Army Personnel: 402,000
Tanks: 3900
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 47,500
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 650
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 5700
Self-propelled Mortar (SPM): 395
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 1105
Howitzers: 1925
Mortars: 8840
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 5,400
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 360
UAV: 152
Helicopters: 435
Logistical Vehicles: 24,500
Total Land Army Weapons: 69,700

List of Turkish Army equipment inventory:

Leopard Main battle tank
M60 Main battle tank
M48 Main battle tank

Armored fighting vehicles & Armored Personnel Carriers:
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armored personnel carrier
Tank destroyer
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle

Field artillery:

Self-propelled artillery:
Self-propelled mortar
Self-propelled howitzer

Rocket and missile systems:
Multiple rocket launcher
Short-range ballistic missile
Surface-to-surface missile

Anti-aircraft Weapons:
Towed Anti-Air artillery
Anti-aircraft gun

Self Propelled Anti-Air Defence:
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Short Range Air Defence System

Army Aircraft:
Rotary transport
Utility helicopter
Utility/Attack convertible helicopter
Utility and training helicopter
Attack helicopter
Observation helicopter

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles:
Mini UAV

Engineering and maintenance vehicles:
Armored recovery vehicle

Logistics and Utility vehicles:
Light Utility vehicle
Special operations vehicle
Light utility truck
2.5 ton truck
5 ton truck
10 ton truck
Heavy utility truck
Medium equipment truck
Heavy equipment truck

Infantry equipment, small arms weapons:
Semi-automatic pistol
Semi-automatic shotgun
Submachine gun
Battle rifle
Assault rifle
Sniper rifle
Semi-automatic sniper rifle
Anti-material rifle
Light machine gun
Heavy Machine Gun
General purpose machine gun

Infantry Explosives, rockets and missile systems:
Underbarrel grenade launcher
Automatic grenade launcher
Rocket-propelled grenade
Anti-tank rocket
Anti-tank guided missile
Man-portable air-defense system

Infantry Protective equipment:
Combat helmet
Personal armor

Rank 7 - Republic of Korea Army or ROK Army (SOUTH KOREA)

Total Army Personnel: 520,000
Tanks: 2,300
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 1900
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 1830
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 400
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 1675
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 1800
Towed Artillery: 4900
Mortars: 2000
Armored Vehicles: 2,500
Guided missile systems (GMS): 30
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 2600
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 200
Helicopters: 600
Logistical Vehicles: 8600
Total Land Army Weapons: 13,300

List of South Korean Army equipment inventory:

Main Battle Tank
Medium tank
Tank destroyer

Armored fighting vehicles:
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Field artillery:
105mm Towed Howitzer
155mm Towed Howitzer

Self-propelled artillery:
Self-Propelled Howitzer
Ammunition Resupply Vehicle
Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
Self-Propelled Mortar

Rocket Artillery:
Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL)
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Launcher

Air defense:
Long range Surface-to-air missile (SAM) system
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Towed Anti-Aircraft Gun
Self-Propelled Vulcan
Short-Range Self-Propelled SAM
Man-Portable Air Defense System

Anti-tank weapons:
TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire) Missile
Recoilless Rifle
Man-Portable Recoilless Rifle
Man-Portable Unguided RPG (Rocket-propelled grenade)
Man-Portable Guided RPG
Man-Portable SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight) Missile
Ultra long range fire-and-forget guided missile

Surface-to-surface missile:
Short-Range Ballistic Missile
Ground-Launched Cruise Missile
Tactical Short-Range Ballistic Missile

Utility Transport
Heavy Transport
Light Attack

Auxiliary systems:
Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
Armored Recovery Vehicle
Armored Combat Earthmover
Mine Clearing Vehicle
Mine Clearing Line Charge
Counter-Battery Radar

Wheeled Vehicles and others:
MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)
Utility Vehicle
9,096 Civil vehicles
Cargo truck

Small Arms:
Assault Carbine
Assault Rifle
Advanced Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Automatic Grenade Launcher
Light Machine Gun
General-Purpose Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Silenced Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun
Advanced Machine Gun

Rank 8 - Armée de Terre/French Army (FRANCE)

Total Army Personnel: 144,480
Tanks: 915
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 450
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 5436
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 251
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 200
Towed Howitzer: 105
Mortars: 500
Armored Vehicles: 1100
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 320
Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL): 41
Helicopters: 550
Logistical Vehicles: 13,700
Total Land Army Weapons: 10,620

List of French Army equipment inventory:

Main battle tank
Light tank
Reconnaissance combat vehicle
Training tank

Armoured personnel carriers:
Armoured personnel carrier
Tracked armoured personnel carrier
Wheeled armoured personnel carrier
Light armoured vehicle
Small protected vehicle
Mine protected vehicle

Surface to surface artillery:
155 mm self-propelled howitzer
155 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer
155 mm towed howitzer
Multiple rocket launcher
120 mm mortar
 81 mm mortar

Anti-aircraft artillery:
Very short-range surface-to-air missile
Short-range surface-to-air missile
Anti-aircraft gun

Tigre attack
Tactical transport
Attack, reconnaissance and utility

Airborne battlefield surveillance radar

Tactical reconnaissance

Light transport

Unarmoured vehicles:
Utility 4x4 vehicle
Heavy truck
Medium truck
Light truck
Special Forces

Engineering vehicles:
Combat engineering vehicle

Infantry Weapons:
9 mm Pistol
.38 Spc/.357 Mag - Revolver
5.56 mm Assault rifle
7.62 mm Sniper rifle
7.62 mm- DMR rifle
Winchester Magnum Sniper rifle
12.7 mm Heavy sniper rifle
9 mm - SMG
Individual grenade launcher
5.56 mm & 7.62 mm Light machine gun
7.62 mm Light machine gun
Light machine gun
12.7 mm Heavy machine gun
Anti-tank rocket launcher
Anti-tank missiles
Glock 17

Rank 9 - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JAPAN)

Total Army Personnel: 148,000
Tanks: 928
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 2,000
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 69
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 673
Self-propelled Artillery (SPA): 422
Self-propelled Guns (SPG): 317
Towed Artillery: 480
Mortars: 700
Armored Vehicles: 1950 +-
Air defense vehicles: 52
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 528
Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): 90
Army aircraft: 469
Helicopters: 458
Logistical Vehicles: 5,000
Total Land Army Weapons: 5,220

List of Japanese Army equipment inventory:

Type 10 - third generation Japanese main battle tank
Type 90 - main battle tank (MBT)
Type 74 - main battle tank

Infantry fighting vehicles:
Type 89 Fighting Vehicle

Self-propelled artillery:
Type 75 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
M110 howitzer
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

Towed artillery:
FH-70 Towed artillery

M2 107mm Mortar
L16 81mm Mortar
RT 120mm Mortar
Type 64 81mm Mortar
Type 96 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar

Armored vehicles:
Command and Communication Vehicle
Reconnaissance and Warning Vehicle
Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle
Light Armored Vehicle

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs):
Armored Personnel Carrier
Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier

Air defense vehicles:
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

Anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) and ASMs (Anti-ship missile):
Light Anti-Tank Missile
Anti-Tank Missile
Anti-Landing craft and Anti-Tank Missile
Surface-to-Ship Missile
Multi-Purpose Missile System
Middle range Multi-Purpose Missile System

SAMs (surface-to-air missile):
FIM-92A Stinger
Type 81 Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Type 93 Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Portable Surface-to-Air Missile

Other vehicles:
Hitachi Type 73
Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck
Toyota Type 73 Medium Truck
Isuzu Type 73 Heavy Truck
Toyota High Mobility Vehicle

Aircraft inventory:
Attack helicopter
Scout/Attack helicopter
Scout helicopter
Transport helicopter
Trainer helicopter
Unmanned observation helicopter
Utility transport
Utility helicopter
VIP helicopter

Small arms:
9mm Pistol
Machine Pistol
Howa Type 96
Howa Type 89
Howa 84RR
Howa Type 64
Rifle grenade
Sniper Rifle
5.56mm Machine Gun
Type 62 machine gun
12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
M4 Carbine
110mm Anti-tank rocket launcher - Land Attack Missile (LAM)

Rank 10 - Israeli Army/General Officer Commanding Army Headquarters (ISRAEL)

Total Army Personnel: 125,000
Tanks: 1,330
Anti-Tank (AT) Weapons: 900
Armored Vehicle: 300
Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): 63
Armored Personnel Carriers (APC): 1,750 +
Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH): 706
Towed Howitzer: 450 +
Mortars: 314
Air defense vehicles: 460
Anti-Aircraft (AA) Weapons: 200
Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRL): 110 +
Logistical Vehicles: 7,650
Total Land Army Weapons: 12,550

List of Israeli Army equipment inventory:

Merkava Mark Main Battle Tank    l
Magach Tank

Armoured Personnel Carriers:
Armored Personnel Carrier
Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier
Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armored Vehicle

Other Vehicles:
Heavy Combat Engineering Vehicle
Combat Armored BulldozerUtility vehicle
Utility vehicle
4x4 Truck
8x12 Truck
8x8 Heavy Truck
Cargo & Ammunition Carrier
Armored Bridge Layer
Armored Recovery Vehicle
Command & Surveillance vehicle
Dune Buggy
Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Unmanned Bulldozer

Self-Propelled Howitzer
Towed Howitzer
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Multiple Rocket Launcher
Self-Propelled Mortar
120mm Mortar
Missile Launching Vehicle

Air Defense:
Air Defense Vehicle
Shoulder-launched Surface-to-air missile
Anti-Aircraft Gun

Rocket and grenade launchers:
Shoulder-launched Rocket
Stand-alone Grenade Launcher
Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher
Automatic Grenade Launcher

Anti-Tank Missile
Long-range anti-tank missile

Small Arms:
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Underwater pistol
Submachine Gun
Submachine Gun and Bullpup Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Light Machine Gun
General Purpose Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Anti Materiel Rifle
Fragmentation Grenade
Stun grenade
Semiautomatic rifle
Revolving Shotgun

See also:

* * *


  1. Not only the no. of weapons and no. of personals make an army powerful. The main thing is that how many wars an army have won or lost.
    India have not won any single war.
    South Korea and Israel are not still featured in a single war.
    So, This rankings of yours are not free of interference.

    1. India has won against pakistan.

    2. @Ahtisham Mirza - India has won all the wars against Pakistan except the one that was fought in 1947 over Kashmir. Both the sides had to declare ceasefire due to pressure by UN otherwise there would have been no "Azad Kashmir" toady, where people are dying everyday due to Pakistan Government's negligence and terror camps are flourishing with the help of ISI. The wars fought in 1965, 1971 and 1999 against Pakistan were won by India, leaving Pakistan in economic, political and military turmoil, not to mention the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 which again resulted in the military downfall of Pakistan. The only war India lost was the Sino-Indian War of 1961. India could not provide logistical support to over 6000 troops due to very harsh weather. I suggest you read history books or Wikipedia before you comment.

    3. lolss
      Ahtisham Mirza..
      still delusional

    4. you are only jealous, i think you should read all the history and comment after thinking, u r commenting against India because you are a freak, who only thinks that only your country is good, don't forget that india and pakistan were together once, stop making your own illusion and better you think before commenting anything about India, u freak :P

    5. u bludy dogs u r notning dont forget we all were ruled by muslims and let me tell u that pakistan army has won d 1965 and 1975 war and let me also remind u that we were also going to win d kargil war whenu rebbilions ran to united nations for help ........ d whole world knows that u all have been defeated againn and again by muslims .... and dont forget that we r also a nuclear power,,,, u freaks also took kashmir and d province of gurdaspur which was against the treaty but who cares cuz u all are bludy freaks and dogs ,,,,,,,,, dont forget pakistan is not so easy to defeat ,,,unless our army dosnt become coward like u ,,,,,,pakistan zindaabad pakistan army paaindaabad

    6. for fcuktards like anthisam and ghaziharon...I hate to break it to you,but if India actually went to war with pak...it will only take us 3 weeks to completely annihilate you.no power in this world will save you,if India actually goes offensive.someone here mentioned religion,so let me just phrase it this way...compared to Hinduism,your religion is just 3 weeks as compared to us....so chill,everyone wants peace...be it Shiva,Jesus,Allah or any other god.Just imagine what your state would be if India does what Israel has been doing...

    7. took our religion Islam tells us about peace and good life and tells that there,s a life after death and also tells that who ever tries to harm our religion first he has to deal with us our god is with us and we still can conquer the hole world if all the muslim countries unite as one nation than there is no other nation that can defeat us we have power that u can never be able to have the power that lies in depth,s of our heart from that power u are no match with u nor USA that nation is like a tooth pick for us to break let,s just take example of Afganistan a brave country in 1970s Russia attack it Russia was defeated and now USA is trying now when they was there losing they sent fake malitons in Afganistan by showing that there muslims but the reality is Amerca is the real terrorist but i know nevertheless Amerca will loose so that,s why Ameraca is running from afganistan next year

    8. This is for both Indian and Pakistani writers. You can have a hot arguments, but please do not insult each other or their faith.
      Both countries are respectable, and I as a Pakistani admit that India has become a regional power both economically and military wise.
      Pakistan has not won any wars, in fact Pakistan lost miserably in 1971 losing East Pakistan (Bengladesh)

    9. 1965 war was won by pakistan....but indian fools do not admit that failure of their tanks.hindu pay muslmano nay 1000 saal hakumat ki..insha allah phir sy india khtm hojaye ga agr ab war hui to...

    10. There are 4 wars fought b/w India and Pakistan, 3 equal (1947, 1965 and 1999) and one lost (1971, lost in Bangladesh). Perhaps India won but point to be noted is that Pakistan fought against five times larger India very well and created a little but a balance. While India lost its war against china in 1962 totally. India troops ran away and lost completely within 2 weeks war.

    11. we all are brothers and i believe that borders dont seperate us from being brothers...i am an indian and all the people in my world are my own blood...violence is not the answer for any question when u can take ahimsa in ur hands...

    12. well if u r nt blind then see the page from starting..!!
      their it has written that India is in the 3rd position among top 5 largest army in the world..!!!!!
      think 100 times before saying anything for India..!!!

    13. @khayyam abbasi, Terrorist teri maa ki choot, bhosdi k bhag ja yahan se nahin to mara jayega

    14. u fool pakisthanis,,,,,,,,,,,,, u r writting a lot with strong words show this courage in war front,,,,,,, dialoges can made by each and every fools,,,,,,,,, but victory is only 4 heros

    15. yup india won against pakistan

    16. Really I feel Pity on you ......You sound like a Pakistani..and so may further tell you that India has defeated Pakistan in 3 wars 1965 ,1971 and 1999.In 1965 India took approximately 90,000 prisoners of war, including Pakistani soldiers and their East Pakistani civilian supporters. 79,676 prisoners were uniformed personnel, of which 55,692 were Army, 16,354 Paramilitary, 5,296 Police, 1,000 Navy and 800 PAF.[69] The remaining prisoners were civilians – either family members of the military personnel or collaborators (razakars). The Hamoodur Rahman Commission report instituted by Pakistan lists the Pakistani POWs as follows: Apart from soldiers, it was estimated that 15,000 Bengali civilians were also made prisoners of war And In 1971 The battle of Longewala saw heavy Pakistani losses and low Indian losses. Since the Indians were able to use the defenders advantage, they managed to inflict heavy losses on the Pakistanis. Indian casualties in the battle were 2 soldiers. In addition, one Indian jeep mounted Recoilless rifle was knocked out. Pakistani losses were 200 soldiers killed.[citation needed] The Pakistanis also suffered the loss of 34 tanks destroyed or abandoned, and lost 500 additional vehicles.[4] The judicial commission set up at the end of war recommended the commander of 18 division Major General Mustafa to be tried for negligence during the war. And even East Pakistan became Bangladesh ...NOW U BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT THE INDIA OR THE INDIANS ARE AND THEY ARE KICKING YOUR ASSES SINCE 1950

    17. ahtisham mirza, try to know about history. india already won kargil war& one more against pakistan.

    18. Pakistan won 1965????..... ha haha haha ooh haha haa haa, hilarious dude wonderful joke i never laughed like this in recent times... you dumb ass holes
      if that is what happened, why pakistan signed on tashkent agreement? and the loss of pakistan will be better explained by pakistani statesmen nazim sethi in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exAlTqrfRa4,
      and 1971 war!!! stop joking, hahha ha haa ha i'm not able to control my laugh.

    19. I HATE INDIA

    20. The Instrument of Surrender was a written agreement that enabled the surrender of the Pakistan Armed Forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War. The surrender took place at the Ramna Race Course in Dacca on December 16, 1971. Lieutenant-General A A K Niazi, joint commander of the Pakistan Armed Forces of East Pakistan contingent, and Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, joint commander of the Bangladesh-India Allied Forces, signed the instrument amid thousands of cheering crowds at the race course. Air Commodore A. K. Khandker, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, and Lieutenant General J F R Jacob of the Indian Eastern Command, acted as witnesses to the surrender.
      Subsequently, around 93,000 Pakistani troops and officials were taken as prisoners-of-war by the Indian Army, the largest number of POWs since World War II. They were later repatriated in 1973 under the terms of the Simla Agreement.

  2. always best in the world is USA.America already involved in many wars. WW2 , Vietnam war , Korea war , japan, Iraq, Afghanistan,and many more.anythings goes wrong to the world America is the first country come down to defeat and protect our world.i like america.bravo....

    1. ravan sarvan:-Vietnam and Afghanistan were total disasters for America!US is shit scared of Korea...but as per ur info,only wars they have won is ww(was an ally),japan(cunning use of nuclear bombs...Russia had lots more nukes than the US and they could have used it fully).
      I'm not saying that the US couldn't do shit(it is a major power,yes),but the way you are singing songs about America....I think,you need to open your eyes.future wars may not even be weaponry,but economic and just sustenance.

    2. hello mister pillai ( means dog in our langua ) ..... just be calm . indians are the cowards stop believing in hoax created by bollywood.just believe in reality and chose a good photo 4 DP .if u want to test Pakistani courage come to KPK use a good ascent perfume we will fuck u according to the satisfaction you need.

    3. @Muhammad Rizwan Anwar Mr. Chutiye did year Any time try to read indian history.

    4. @muhammad rizwan, aap chutiye hai, i don't have anything against pakistan but the reality is that pakistan has lost all the wars it fought with india, you just cannot change history Mr. Muhammad, no matter how much you bark or hate india. and somebody above mentioned that muslims will again rule over hindus in india, so i would like to tell that pig that he can dream all his motherfucking life, and it doesn't matter how many times he touches his forehead on the ground and pray, india will never be under any muslim rule ever. and you call us cowards, u fucker, we don't kill innocent people in the name of religion by planting bombs, we fight like a real man.

    5. btw indian army tried thrice to take over pakistan land which they did not succeed so how come they won the war? :S but still ok bahi india jeeta pakistan hara. bus? happy? chalo chal k soo jao

    6. Muhammad Rizwan Anwar means Bastard in my language, asshole in my local language, Gay and Dick in my friends mother tongue and finally very it means a coward who cover face and fight from behind.... while ppl here talking about war your talking about fucking... Come here I fuck you with red hot iron rod from your back till your brain fall out :) . Well this is a calm version of me.

  3. @ahtisham mirza poor memory.india have won all wars against pakistan only lost to china due to china broke mutual trust between two countries up to that time india trusted china like brother.china stabbed in back not from the front.

    1. Dude looks like u forgot the 1965 war
      In 1948 we (Pakistani) took half of kashmir (azaad kashmir)..but u pussies indians ran to United Nation.
      In 1971 Pakistan lost because of internal conflict.
      In 1999 again Pakistan went into Indian territory and were at the edge of beating india but THEN india's daddy America came in between and stopped the war

    2. u busted takha jalil see ur dumbass, u freak why are you all pakistanis so jealous of indians

    3. they Jealous because..... they are "DUMB-ASS"

    4. yeah all pakistani jealous assholes.....

    5. Till now I thought Pakistan is just a stupid powerless nation but now I come to know they are brainless aswell. America is your daddy Bloody Pakistanis. Let a nice Govt. to come in India the whole Pakistan will become history.

    6. let me tell u that Pakistan sucks as always. It got defeated by india in 1971 and 1999 and so will forever.The time is coming u will agin get fucked up.just wait and watch.

    7. Abe BSD ke jalil...sale abe bhadue tu bhi janta hai ki pak ek bhaduo ki country hai ...sale lahore tak ghus kar mara tha katuo ko...tum log jaldi se swimming sikh lo, kisi din hum log mutne wale hai....

    8. 1948 war

      In 1948 , Pakistanis got THE MOST strategically important lands in Kashmir. Pakistan captured population centers of Gilgit , Skardu etc and secured access to central Asia...Cutting India off from Central Asian route..and hence containing poor indians in useless gigantic plains .... Where India would've got entire Kashmir due to Hindu treachery ...it only got some parts..and that too which are strategically of very less importance...and made even less important due to Indo-Pak water-accords ..

      1965 war

      In 1965 , Pakistan defeated Indian attack on Lahore city and forced indians to retreat , captured strategically important Indian towns like Khem Kharan , captured strategically important Indian supply-lines like Muna Bao railway station , PAF just badly blasted the a$$ of five times larger IAF , and all this eventually forced India to face the humiliation of signing an agreement of stalemate with SEVEN TIMES smaller nation-that was badly outgunned and outnumbered during the war... Your OWN media back then called it as "giving a walkover to Pakistan."

      Kargil Conflict

      In 1999 Kargil war , just 5000 Pakistani troops+fighters got 30,000 indian soldiers with their pants down .... We slaughtered the f*ck outa your poor troops...At the end of the war , Pakistan captured strategically important Indian heights such as point 5353 , Dalu Nag , Saddle Ridge etc etc..We STILL hold these Indian territories ... We over-look NH-1 and Indian supplies to Siachen...

      So in every war against W.Pakistan (Today's Pakistan) , Indian forces have faced humiliation from SEVEN TIMES smaller nation..When indians faced their EQUALS...they were a$$-raped by Chinese But Pakistanis faced SEVEN TIMES larger nation and stood their ground pretty...

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. :O India TV is brainwashing their viewers with lies JUST FOR THE RATINGS :OOOO

  4. haha..internal conflict ? my ass..u have lost all 3 times u r no match to india dude..ur 90000 soldiers surrendered their asses to india to b fucked..ha..look whos talking ..take a look above to each and every list..India is among super powers and you pussies r NOWHERE..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. tum bhanchodon ko bs bolna ata hai....bhandlano kabhi ao na khushbu laga k tumhari gand mare ge....bhanchod tumhari army hamare lahore pe attack kr k nashta udhar karne ki soch rai thi....bhanchodo pata laga hamari pak air force ne kese gand maar k bahar nikala tha.....bhanchod bs bolte raho aur kuch kr nai sakte.....

    3. hahahaha... indians brave hahahahaha indians brave buhahahaha.. hahahahaha india waloo tuhadi mawan nu lun


    1. From which point of view you are saying that Pakistan is boss. ha ha looser for alltime

    2. Hey Rahul, thats why they are "BOSS DK"..

    3. Why you call your mom.. to fuck her? .. I hope it helps you stop barking about India.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Just Go & Drink Ur Mumma's Milk, rather den dat of PIG.. U DUMB-ASS..

    2. what the world remain without a mankind existence,god has put you to body to enhance the more wonderful ways to make living more enjoyable with meaning.

    3. what the world remain without a mankind existence,god has put you to body to enhance the more wonderful ways to make living more enjoyable with meaning.

  7. I wouldn`t put the US so up on the list, maybe after Russia and China. Do not forget that a war would be won by the nation that can endure a war longer. The US is freaking out after they lost a few thousand soldiers and the country is filled with protest.

    1. my friend szalay but you know india have very strong army

    2. You are correct when it comes to protests because if America does not believe in the war then there will be lots of protesting. Now, if America supports the war there would be a different story. We are in debt but that has not stopped us yet and what country isn't in debt? The United States is the strongest force in the World. The Obama administration has weekend our defense but messing with the United States is not a good choice. America is still the number one power in the world. China, Russia, and the UK are right behind though. I don't really know much about India but they cannot be very powerful with all the natural disasters killing hundreds of thousands of their people. I know I am bias because I am an American but like I said, anybody that thinks about attacking the United States, they better think again. Peace.

    3. don"t worry buddy now india has it"s future in safe hands.. our past was glorious and just in 5 years india will be awesome.you know who are indians.who created number zero "the exact number which you have ever got in your xam .

  8. why is India and Pakistan war never end.. even in the comments there is war... Im not indian or pakistan but why is there no peace in this world?

    1. We also want peace, but they always abondoned their promises all the time trying to cross the LOC..

    2. To protect our motherland and our people, we fight. i bet you couldn't have heard any issue about india invading other countries. never. But our once beloved, considerable brothers (pakistan) keep coming back because of the land lust. so eventually we have to stop them from killing people. All we do is stop them from doing terrorism. that's why the war exist.

    3. @deeran you r talking about the terrorism then what about kashmir,ur fucking indian soldiers are killing kashmiris,rapping their sisters and daughter.. freak nd fcked country india..

    4. We dont want pakisthan land and we dont want to give OUR land to them, is that wrong?

  9. Hahaha powerful army of india. Bloody busterds. Son of pigs u strong army shame on u people who says india has a strong army . China is in Ladakh 30 kms inside why cant they stop them. Thu on indian army... In 1999 Pakistan conquered whole of Kargil and Drass sectors of Jammu n Kashmir and defeated india due the intervention of indias god america Pakistan vacates the whole area.. Why india cant stop them, why india cant stop the infilitration of militants from pakistan. Pig indian army is everyday killed with stones in kashmir. They cant controle the uprising of j&k. Assam, punjab, gujrat, chatrisgarh, northeastern states and so on....then how u can say india has powerful army.

    1. Your choice of words and grammar suggests you are a paki..when the Chinese came,as you say '30 kms inside' it was the Indian army who stood face to face with them,without any directives,on standby for the high command's orders...but they were there ready for the face off,not like the paki army which surrenders(1971).China had no intention of invading India,it's just world politics...which my friend,your country has no privilege!

    2. Hey Rengin, they are nothing but dumb-shit, all the time OUR INDIAN ARMY busted their ASS & put mortar in their ass-hole..

    3. Your 90k soldiers surrender in front of OUR ARMY,You Lost your east pakistan.. POOR P__..

    4. you dumb idiot i'll tell you why we are powerful. during Kargil war while advancing, one of our soldier took several bullets but still stood up and took out three of you. Act of valor. It's the courage and bravery in ourselves that makes us powerful. we never turned back and ran away. well eventually your troop retreated off the mountains as you see us advancing.

    5. lol u r very funny....u r talking about indian army first learn wat is difference b/w terrorist n army..becoz ur army n terrorist dont hav difference..........i cant stop laughing u pigistan or porkistan

    6. Beta hum par ungli uthane se pahle apne girebaan me jhank lo

    7. kya dekhe be..!!! prabhat is absolutely right..!!
      loc line tm baar baar cross karte ho aur uske ek week k andar andar bhag bhi jate ho..!!
      baat karte hai ye..!!

    8. Chup oe har(SHIT!) loc pe firing karte ho phr tumhari gandu media kehti hai k pakistan ne loc pe firing ki ya use cross kr lia....hm...lanat...

  10. 1. India have the biggest murder rate in the world.
    2. US wont stay in power for ever
    3. Pakistan have a small army compared to india yet india cant defeat pakistan the battles fought recently have gone nowhere, its bascially a draw.

  11. Beware of paki's...they r no good to anybody!wherever you can't read proper English,it's a fcukin paki post!be aware,be enlightened...paki's are a threat to the world and themselves!the best they can come with is 'pakistan is the best country' or they have the 'best army' or they are 'the strongest'...LOL!

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    2. Your picture is tiny, but I can still see those big ass caterpillar eyebrows from here! Go wax your shit mustafa and put on a genie hat. That is the only way anyone in this country would give a shit about your dumb ass. Why don't you tell your leaders to start a conflict with the United States right now if you hate us that bad. Oh yeah thats right, because we would wipe you off the face of this earth. Go back to the sand hill you came out of asshole.

    3. hey Rengin you idiot....Englsih English...fuck English....our mother tongue is Urdu...we dont give a damn to English and U people...yes pakistanis are a threat to indian idiots....no one can defeat us bcuz of our concept of jihad...we believe in Allah and we are not afraid to give our lives for Islam...Beware! and think before u speak....

  12. the thing is there are 54 muslim countries in the world nor any religion has so much countries and if we unite who can defeat us no one tell me if there is with reason

    1. Your religion is going to be history soon...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Rahul idiot!!...if u dont shut up then your going to be history pretty soon...

  13. jo log 2 maheenoo mae tiger hill 5 muslmanoo sy na cheen sakey wo 3 din mae pakistan fath karengaee. haaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.pak army nae pehly bee gus k mara hy and ab be india mae gus k mary gee. tumharee baeghaerat army iiman k matwaloon ka kia khak muqabla kary ge jo shaadad ko zindagee py targee daety hain

    1. oh man.. you dogs.. you turn this up to a religion issue. i don't even how do you even be Muslim. it is the religion with pride and peace, respect. And you arrogant fucks talk like Satan's direct descendants itself. you fucktrads should be kicked you outta this religion to be live with no name and no country.

    2. one thing u should now Islam says if tires to harm u harm him if someone says rude about your religion first tell him to stop if he does,nt beat him and teach him a lesson and if he abuses Allah or Muhammad kill him

    3. Kya tumne socha k respected Nabi in universe HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAL. Kya unhone Allah or uske nabi k khilaaf uthne wale har ungli ko uski gardan kaat kar diya. Agar diya h to sabse pahle tum jaise napakistaniyo ko maar dena chaiye q k tum jaise pakistani k wajah se sare musalmaan bhaiyon ka sar niche ho jata. Jo Islaam qaum ko badnaam karte h.or un terorrist ko panah dete h jo insaan ki shakal me shaitan.

    4. This is why Islam is a religion for uneducated people. If I disagree with you, then you're going to hurt me? That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard of. Dude, it is 2013! Maybe you should rethink your before electricity bullshit. Oh and by the way, Allah used to get his ass beat in the school yard by Jesus. Look that shit up, you can find it in the book of "who gives a shit about Sand Niggers". Should be a good chapter in there about how you should just do the world a favor and jump off a tall object onto a hard surface. Let me know if you ever want to finish this discussion in person you stupid piece of shit. Dumb ass sand niggers like you are the reason that nobody can live in peace. Open a book besides your precious Quran and maybe you will learn something that is actually useable.

    5. u idiot shit....thats what makes u different from us......dont talk about something u dont know...hunderds of people are turning Muslims everyday that includes you cristians...Are they all uneducated as well?...the first thing Allah Almighty told us about was to get educated...and we are...U are telling us to read another book besides Quran...why dont you read Quran once...and u'll know what Islam is...who told you that we are going to hurt u if you disagree...it is our duty to spread Islam but Islam also tells us not to turn someone Muslim by harsh way...it also tells us to respect everyone...our Prophet (PBUH) was even kind to his enemies and even treated them humanly..anyway u wont understand a thing cuz u dont even respect other religions..so just shut up..!!

    6. u muslims are so brainwashed by your book, you only think about religion and nothing else, i don't know whats wrong with you people, everywhere in this world where there are muslims, there is problem! may be islam is the religion of peace, but certainly muslims cannot live in peace//

    7. well you are as stupid as you seem

  14. This ranking is nonsense. How could you possibly rate India & China over Britain,France & Japan. I wouldnt even rate them above Germany,even ith its watered down military. The Chinese o not have the discipline & stamina for war. Atleadt,hiistory tells us so.

  15. hahaha is it a world war 3 ??? :P

  16. Replies
    1. indiansss ki maa ka phudaaa.... india 1st par bhi ajaye na too phirr bhi un ki maa ko lun dyy saktayy hhhh..... pakistanio nyy to america ki bhi baja di h afghanistan ma... to ye chootiye indians kyaa cheez hhh....

  17. Chinese Army will overtake USA in economy by 2030. By 2085, it will surpass USA in military as well. Face it, USA has been a world superpower for barely 125 years and its already in decline.

    1. Actually 2085 the U.S will most likely still be the biggest military power. The U.S is most likely to collapse 100's of years from now.....The Chinese will surpass Russia very soon but not the U.S for a very long time...along with the fact U.S is getting back on it's feet again and the taking jobs from China...the Chinese economy will fall and if that doesn't work the Chinese housing market will do it...

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  19. @mustahmed-u r using extrm rough language and stop it immediately.dis is a discussion platform not ur playgrnd.INDIAN BROTHERS pls maintain ur dignity.we r INDIANS not meatheaded pakis.by the way pakis r boasting of false knldge abt their victory.dnt wry rabid dogs dnt stop barking.AND OUR DEAR paki brothers PLEASE WATCH SOME OF UR MEANINGFULL TV PRGRMS WHERE UR LEADING JOURNALISTS LIKE NAJAM SETHI AND HASSAN NISHAR ARE CLEARING ABSOLUTELY DISTORTED IMAGINATIONS OF UR 1965 VICTORY BY STATING THE DEFEAT OF pak army BY INDIAN ARMY.see, the sooner u accept the truth the better will be ur world of IMAGINATION."THERE MUST BE A LIMIT TO FANTASY".

    1. excuse me sir!..dont try to finsh the discussion by taking it into history..by the way u guys are wrong in history too..anyways..both of us are nuclear powers if war breaks out means...end of india and pakistan...so this discussion is useless..just cut it out...

  20. F-35 aircrafts crntly most pwrfl with advnd stealth technlgy alngwith its bomber version shld b added 2 Usa airforce list as these r close to induction.the Nanocomposite material used for stealth manfctng is costly 2 produce for which Usa military has cut down its num of manfctng units.new SUKHOI-HAL-STEALTH aircrafts under development r a grt initiative for INDIAN AIR FORCE.

  21. I think there should be an analysis. here it is said that india possess 4000 tanks but they are the 3rd gen tanks of IA and about 2200 more 1st gen vijayant MBT and T55 mbt are in reserve so why dont take them .where china have about 3000 3rd gen tank and rest 4000 is 1st gen Type 59 mbt (a copy of T-54). again even in Wikipedia and other websites if you carefully count the numbers then you will see that India possess about 3000+ IFV and ~2800 apcs then this numbers are doubt full. most of chinees amours are of 1960s so in case of armours i think India is in same position though a tank battle is practically impossible due to terrain. And Indian Armour is about 2 times than that of Pakistan the only tank that can withstand against india is T80ud

  22. Sorry,it is F-22 RAPTOR not F-35.It will b challenged by Russian T-50 aircraft soon.

    1. Nope.....F-35 is the better of the 2 and they will go hand in hand as the best

  23. it was a predictive messages which were sent by the fellow internet community but i fear not by intellectuals hope nobody insults humans
    What is there above is pure animal attitude which should be stopped coz in a family if someone do wrong will you kill it for the same or forgive so that he dose'nt repeat it?

  24. India is having so great army power but cannot attack a shit pak.shameful on our side

  25. shame on you guys that you people mention israel in this list. israel(the most weakest army in the world) who lost to HEZBOLLAH in 2006 in 33 days war. the HEZBOLLAH army men are not mare than 5000 but see what happen to them. they had defeated the most sophisticated army in the world. HEZBOLLAH should be on the top of the chart.

    1. Tell me from where are you took that stuped information. In 2006 the Hezbollah indead suprized the Israeli forced about is Strength. But he didn't Humiliated at all. Infact, In the second Lebanon war The status of the Hezbollah was damaged a lot and because of that he is not so threatening on the Israeli's population anymore.
      I took my metarial from Wikipedia, witch is a reliable source enouth. So at the next time when you decided to wirte a post, my advice to you to think a little more you moron. You are not very smart if you think that it's smart to compare a terrorist organization to a advanced army with tanks and fighter aircraft. Keep the intelLectual blogs to a smarter people then you, like me.

    2. Hahahaha I'd like to laugh more, But i don't have enough time for that.
      Hezbollah defeated Israel? Have you ever heard that you are funny?
      Nice joke dude, You should be a comedian i swear!
      Israel defeated hizbullah with their eyes closed, I don't really know where did you get this false information, But this information is totally wrong.
      Hizbullah is nothing more than an unofficial terrorist organization, No respect and no religion, And you call your self Hizbullah? (God's Organization) Hah, nice joke, In fact Hizbullah has lost the war, Israel almost started a land war, They almost entered lebanon, But because the israelian army has a mind, has a heart, They didn't want to kill innocent people who had done nothing to anyone because of some bunch of terrorists, and they ended the war, And don't forget that israel has nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, trillion more powerful weapons than any other country, So next time before talking do me a favor and think logically.

      With full respect to every nation,religion,country.

      This war should stop, Jewish,Christians,Islam should unite together, and instead fighting we should love each other or the world wouldn't continue anymore and it will end soon.


    1. Yh and Indians should know Numbers of your dogs dont count either...

  27. i think, we all want to peace and good life. but our political people should not be want to peace and good life. First we should improve media and social network. Many time media shows us wrong information. Wrong information make us enemy. we are divided difference religious and culture. first we think about humanity. why we are fighting?? please think about it what do we want? fight or peace?? and please don't use a disgusting language other countries. see it what's going our society.

  28. F-35 was overhyped but found 2 b no match to F-22's power and performance.F-22 is said to be the leading aircraft for USAF for next 15-20 years atleast.

  29. Next generation clash:F-22 VS SUKHOI-HAL-FGFA.

  30. Building powerful aircraft-carriers(mostly nuclear powered) is among the top priorities for major military powers.

    1. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  31. Having read all this material, I say team India won again. Guys face facts and reality, if Pakistan went to war with India then yes Pakistan would do some damage to India but rest for sure Pakistan Would be wiped out of the world map in weeks. Another fact India have captured a record number of prisoners of war against Pakistan. India is an emerging market with funding going in for skilled military projects. Hypothetically speaking India potentially could " Be the world's number 1 super power in 100 years. Don't forget China started years before. India has had war after war which is not helping growth. India can easily crush Pakistan with its little finger.

    1. hahahaha..talking about facts?..then u should know that Pakistan is a nuclear power too.if if (well thats impossible) but if the war turns to India the Nuclear power would finsh both the countries in one go...thats the main fact you should know...

    2. Ground Reality Is Changed Now ....... Ajit Singh Bajwa


      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

    3. my pakistani and indian brothers.......
      starting from the mauryan empire to the the time of independence both nations were joined the indian subcontinent had the name bharat before the islamic invaders and hindustaan during Muslim rule and india during british rule......when mahatma gandhi and netaji fought for independence they meant to free modern day india as well as pakistan......pakistanis now are indians by blood.......how r modern day indians diff from pakistanis......religion!!!!that is a very bad basis of fighting my brothers.......the british divided india on religious ground in 1905 to weaken national unity bcoz they wanted to break national unity and hindu-muslim unity.......open ur eyes my pak and ind brothers we ar BROTHERS and not ENEMIES stop this fighting if both nations are to survive then plz stop this the ancestors of now muslims of pakistan were hindus or jains bfore islam came to india so we belong to the same race
      if u ar intelligent enough then urge our national leaders to merge both states and have a common parliament in that way kashmir shall be the common "property" of both nations.....opn ur eyes and create a better subcontinent
      i m a hindu and an indian but i love muslims and pakistanis
      jo ram wohi rahim
      i m 14 yrs old
      and i m so mature in understanding this
      shame on the people who doesnt understand this

  32. pakistan is dad of india anytime india attacks on pakistan always lose..cux 'NASRU LLAH EY MIN FATHUL QAREEB' pakistan zindabad

    1. abe bhadue tu bhi janta hai ki dad kaun hai...sale lahore tak ghus kar mara tha katuo ko...tum log jaldi se swimming sikh lo, kisi din hum log mutne wale hai....


    3. Nabin ROy Kid see the Link


      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  33. All Indian Friends You Have Histroy about Pakistan and India WAR Its Nill GO Ask Your OLDEST Pepole and Read It History Of PAKISTAN AND INDIA WAR HISTORY Then You Know Who Is Power Ful, You Know Why India Always Attack in PAKISTAN Becoz Your Indian Hinduzam Afried To PAKISTANI MUSLIM PEPOLE PLZ PLZ TUM SUB INSAAN BAN JAO Finish Your Jealousi Oooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. little knowledge is olways dangerous..india want peace..first we try to teach wid peace nd love, den wid weapon..but u people never understand..bcz u people love to stab behind..war is not olwys a result of any confict..be human first and respect to ur nation nd comes to religion..

    2. kahte ek phatanin ko chodo to 100mandir ka puny aur ek muslim ko maro to 100thirht ka puny

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

    5. KISHAN AGRAWALN For you


  34. Its a pity that people believe in RELIGION blindly , its the root of all wars,hate,and murders ..
    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace...

    people do not hate each other , you know war is nothing but the BUSINESS... Gov. want that people hate each other,to initiate wars.They will trade weapons,and can defeat apposition political party & so on .. so do not believe in any RELIGION, it is nothing but the destroyer of the mankind,it take only blood but nothing.. go beyond your BELIEVES.. bible ,kuran ,mahabarat all are bullshit..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. haha nonsence...Live in peace without religion?..have u ever thought that the world we live in the things we see around who rules them where did they come from?..well think about that deeply and u'll turn to religions..and the original and the only religion..ISLAM...

    3. I can't agree with you, World without religion is totally bad, In fact religion is true, So why are you insulting religions? If you want peace instead of war, Respect others belief, respect other opinions, Or you don't call this "Humanity"? Christianity doesn't state that we should hate, It states that we should love each other respect each other, So does Islam and Judaism, But people are leaving religions and they are living without rules, You know who started the wars? People like you. How do you want other people to have peace without religion? No religion = World suffering with sexuality,terrorism,wars,fights,insults,murders and a lot more,
      If each one and one would think million times before doing something, the world would be a totally better place, The world was meant to be like that,
      You can't change it.

  35. You are right....@John....humanity should be our religion...

    the Main Reasons of war are MEDIA & POLITICS.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. those who tok about their religion..first goes thro ur holy books nd deep to ur religion den tok about religion..u will find no differnce among humans..
    if again u r critcizing religions, it means u are not aware to your own religion..

    1. Realy Good Comment Appreciate you ......... Jagjit singh :)

    2. You're speaking the truth brother, I wish everyone would think the same way as you do, But probably it will never happen, When there's good, there's bad.

  38. if their is a war between pak vs india then both country will be completly destroy but their are muslims allaround the world and pakistan will again rise but india will never be rise


    2. oe barwe Nabin baat to tu ese kr raha hai jese tere baap ka India hai aur jo tu keh raha hai woi to hona hai...abe 2 kori k admi ayine main apni shakal dekh khud bhi sharma jae ga...ajate hain muu utha k....

    3. yahi bat tto hai bhosdeewale tum log sachai sunna pasand nahi krte

    4. Nabin Roy Mr Ager Itny tum indian achy ho tu jab tumharye Bapu ne [ mahatma Gandhi ] ne pakistan ko 65 Coror denay ki baat ki thi tu ...... Hindu Tanzeem ne Bapu ko { gandhi } ko Gooli kiyo maar dyi thi real terrorist app khud ho ...mumbai parliament per attack kis ne karwaya .....Tajmehal hotel per ...Ajmal Kasab bana diya ....jo Bed per laeet kar kehta tha Aye Bhagwan mujhy bacha laye hahahhaha plz ap kay apny Indian ne sari haqeeqat bata dyi ...........Sharam ani Cahiye tum indians ko ..........or tum logo ka India pakistan se 10 Gunah Bara[big] hai lakin Pakistan ne phir bhi Tumari Maa ki Lun day kay rakha hai

    5. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

    6. Mr. @Umar Malik, I really appreciate ur patriotism for pakistan. But sadly u must properly look in the facts. Just because one site shows pakistan is the best(that too not analytically but on voting) doesn't mean it is true. Look in the other sites and you'll find lakhs with India ranking over pakistan. And this to my Indian brothers. Don't humiliate yourselves by using the language of Mr. Umar(abusive language). Everybody knows the truth and we needn't prove it. Kindly go through deeply in the Bangladeshi war. If US hadn't sent its Fleet for protection of its little helpless pakistan baby there wouldn't be any Pakistan. the thing is u pakistanis are always on the support of other countries, like US and China. U cant stand on ur own. One last thing I really appreciate that teen of Pakistan who saved others from the bomber by sacrificing his own life. U r not the really Pakistani. He is(i mean was).

  39. Abe Pakistanio .... agar INDIA ke har ghar se ek ek baccha MUT de na toh pure pakistan mein baar aa jayega ........ SALE BARSAAT SE BACHNE KI HESIYAT NHI HAI AUR INDIA KO GALI DETA HAI, tum logo ki toh adat hi hai ki JIS GHARE SE PANI PITE HO USI MEIN PISHAP KARTE HO ........... agar independence k time INDIA ne pakistan ko 65 crore rupiye nhi diye hote toh aj tak tum log nanga hi rehte .......... SALE FOOOL PAKISTANI

    1. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

    2. Nabin Roy Mr Ager Itny tum indian achy ho tu jab tumharye Bapu ne [ mahatma Gandhi ] ne pakistan ko 65 Coror denay ki baat ki thi tu ...... Hindu Tanzeem ne Bapu ko { gandhi } ko Gooli kiyo maar dyi thi real terrorist app khud ho ...mumbai parliament per attack kis ne karwaya .....Tajmehal hotel per ...Ajmal Kasab bana diya ....jo Bed per laeet kar kehta tha Aye Bhagwan mujhy bacha laye hahahhaha plz ap kay apny Indian ne sari haqeeqat bata dyi ...........Sharam ani Cahiye tum indians ko ..........or tum logo ka India pakistan se 10 Gunah Bara[big] hai lakin Pakistan ne phir bhi Tumari Maa ki Lun day kay rakha hai

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Shutup Bladdy indain
    Pakistan Hero of All time

    Pakistan Army Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

    1. chodu pakistan evry world knows mughe bolne ki vaise jarurat nahi thi

    2. Teri maa dyi Phudi Kishan Ager waal .....teri baji cheer doon ga maderchood ager pakistan kay barye main kuch kaha

    3. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  42. the best well train army is AlQaida and best intelligence is ISI...

    ISI rules the world.....

  43. ok cut this discussion out it will stop no where...go and do something else....we are just wasting our time fighting over countries....

  44. ndiansss ki maa ka phudaaa.... india 1st par bhi ajaye na too phirr bhi un ki maa ko lun dyy saktayy hhhh..... pakistanio nyy to america ki bhi baja di h afghanistan ma... to ye chootiye indians kyaa cheez hhh...

  45. Replies
    1. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  46. I belive, no religion in the world teaches to fight, to conflict with each other in the name of religion and only the innocent people do that. if people shun fighting and violence in the name of religion, the whole scenario of the world will change with peace, prosperity and brotherhood.


  48. Indians are far better and developed than pakistanis cz they are broad minded and peaceful.India is 4th in military, 4th in space technology , 3rd in medical but pakistan is only 1st in terrorism....in our india, we indians live like family , no matter which religion it is, but we can see news about economic condition and religion war of pakistan...so just shut up baby....

    1. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

    2. bhai jainil n prabhat i think hmme kuch bi bolne ki jarurat ni he baap baap hota he or beta beta or jab raste se koi hathi jata he to kutte hamesa hi bhokte he or same here INDIAN ARMY is tha best army in da universal or apkistan to i think best army ranking me hi nahi ata oo sory pakistani army galt bola pakistani atankwadi jo bas peeth piche se waar karna jante he..bsdk umair or our all bro phli apni maa bhen ko ghar ja kar dkh jara waha kutto or pig se chud rhi he sale suar ke bache u all pakistanis midfing agar iski hindi na pta ho to puch liye gandu..

    3. Riyas Ahammed
      We are Great indians we never attak any budy but sumbady come and attack us we will distroythem we have only one word Iam A Great Indian We dont have suprated by Religion hindu,muslim, sik,Christian all are Great Indians we are brothers and sisters So any budy want to make problem go to HELL we are Great Indian

  49. Pakistan and Pakistan's pigshit will never ever end!bla bla blaah

    1. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  50. american aur english ke tatte saaf kane walo tum indians to abhe tak americans aur english ke gulam ho. apne films,drama aur advertise me unhe ko lete ho. unhe ke GAND me ghusse hoe ho. unhe k sath naachna gaana. aesa karo k unke sath bathroom bhe jaya karo. tum indians aazade se pehle bhe unke gulam the aur ab bhe ho.

    1. oy india ke khilaf kya bolta hai gandu apne pak ko dekha hai bhaijaan.kitne fattu hai wo sale.salon 1971 ki war ko bhul gaye aur 1965 ki jb tumhare 75000 jawano ne atmasamarpan kr diya tha.sale hamare yahan cpt.batra major kalia aur k.k majumdar jaise log thai aur hain pr tumhare pass sirf kayar hain jo peeth peeche war krna jante hain

    2. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  51. ek din eisa ayega jab 4-5 country mil ke pakistan ko rakh kar degi uske gande harkto ki vajah se............................one day will come mark my word

    1. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

      Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  52. http://www.thetoptens.com/best-armies/

    Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) in army

    Indian Bitches See link Pakistan on number one ( 1 ) Intelligence-agencies

  53. mujhe lagta he ki ye umair ko bas ek hi cheez ati he kishan bhai ek hi copy url krta he or past krta he bsdk wale ki galti nahi he iski maa or bhen mere lund ki tadap me india ayi or unhe or balki pakistan ki or bi tmhari sabhi maa or bhen ki gand or chut me sparm dala or jb tu bana gandu or ab apne baap se hi aise bolta he teri maa ki chut se puch kaise mari thi waise hi pitega

  54. Hello everyone, Carefully read my comment.
    Can each and each one of you think what does Religion tell you to do?
    Now after you thought about it, Tell me if one of those sentences below are true :
    Does religion tell you to Murder?
    Does religion tell you to Insult?
    Does religion tell you to start wars?
    Does religion tell you to hate each other?
    Okay, Don't answer, I have the answer, Here is it : NO, It doesn't.
    Another question that i will answer it my self :
    Can you call your self a True Christian/Muslim/Jewish, if you don't follow what your religion tells you to do?
    I will answer it, Here is the honest answer : No, you cannot.
    Another question :
    Do you think insulting, starting wars, killing, murdering would help you make a change?
    Another honest answer : No, they wouldn't help you in anyway! You are just wasting your time, Fighting, making others do what you do, making others believe what you believe, Is that what you call Religion?
    Do you think Holy Jesus/Holy Mohammad/Holy God would accept you when you don't follow what they say?
    I will not answer this question, Because it's obvious, You can read your Bible/Quran/Torah and find out.

    Guys, honestly, I believe in god, I believe in Jesus, i believe in Mohammad, Because that's the right way to believe, And each one of you knows that there's a big connection between Islam/Judaism/Christianity, the there of us believe in the same God! The only difference that Jesus is the Son of god, Who God himself sent him to the world to make a difference, When he died, he left a big message, he made a big difference, 600 or more after Jesus died, The prophet/holy Mohammad came to the world, And wanted to make another difference, He wanted peace, he wanted love, He wanted people to follow God!
    Another question, Do you know who's Issa from the Holy Quran?
    Issa = Jesus, Take a minute and think about it.

    Guys, it's important, We should unite together, We need the peace in the world, We must make a change, Because years after years the world is getting worse, And it might result in the end of earth (It's not a joke, I'm not a scientist, Think logically...).

    With respect to everyone.

  55. LOL guys why u r commenting in this shit india blog .
    They will always remain narrow and cheap minded. It's is in their blood.
    Look at the history
    Everthing willl be clear.
    You guys never beat pakistan not in 9ths life ( according to ur religion).
    So the STFU

  56. freee k blog par palnay walay logo :P

  57. Is Pakistan anywhere in top ten list .. if no then let's accept fact and not argue.



  60. my dear indian brother,,,i dont want to make a long speech about your bravery and about our bravery,,,a simple thing which can define our truth is HISTORY,,,,u should have to read history,,MUSLims hve ruled over india for 1000 years,,but had not harmed a single hindu or sikh brother ,,if a 14 years old soldier MUHAMMAD BIN QASIM defeat a mature worrier raja dahir and capture a numner of states of sub continent than y are u fighting nd proving who is the best,,here we can chat,,but dont can prove anything,,if u want to caputre india or pak plz go to war field,,hence both countries have atomic power,,plus i want to add that india was gifted this nuclear power by a muslim scientist ,,so pay him a salute and respect muslims of india ,,thnx

  61. Pakistan is a state of terrorists. The biggest terrorist sponsoring country in the world. Pakistan is a country of hypocrites, cowards, illiterates, so on..
    if v compare INDIA with stupid Pakistan it would be an insult to the dignity of India. These stupid Pakistanis can never understand the greatness of India. INDIAN ARMY is far far superior than ur corrupt n misleading so called army actually a bunch of bandits. Ur army and ISI have been robbing u poor civilians to further their own luxuries. ...On the other hand our Indian ARMY showing professionalism n humanity by having respect to the laws of the land. Ur army has no law n order...only a bunch of thugs...it is ur misunderstanding that Pakistan is superior to India..if u guys strive for 100 more years u won't b as superior as is today...don't b fool accept the fact...otherwise u better know the consequences. ..OK

  62. hahahahahahah,,bhai ye tu aese lag reha ha jese aag lag gai hai,,mtlb
    rssi jal gai ball ni gia wo wali bat ho gai,,,ham MUSLIMS ne idia pe 1
    hzaar sal hkoomt ki hai,,r pta ha tb b hindo 10% k hisaab se they ,,R
    kbi kisi muslim ne nuqsan ni pohnchaya ,,,and nxt aik bat r kehon ga
    apne religion ki history b perh lo ,,apka religion hi currupt
    hai,,apk pndit choti bchion ka rape krte hian ,apki book bgwt geeta
    mein likha ha k khuda aik ha r bs aik hai doora nahi hai nahi hain r
    zra b ni hai,,phr ap log 33 kror khuda kese bna skte ho,,mere bat pe
    yqeen na aye tu ap dr zr.naik ki peace conference dekh lo youtube pe
    wo kisi religion ki side ni leta blk apki apni books se refrence deta
    ha ,,,apko atomic power bnane wala aik muslim hain,,muslims ki history
    tu perho ham terrorist hain ya ap khud terrorist ho...non muslim ne
    jtni tabahi ki ha utni tabahi kisi ne ni ki,,world war one mein 5 kror
    log marrey gay,,world war to mein 6,7 kror maarrey gai kis k hathon u
    know ?? hitlor america r dosrey non muslims k hathon,,now tell me who
    is the real terrorist ????

    1. abe e india pe 1000 saal raj kiya....par hamane karne diya tab na!!!bat karta hai!!hum ko bhrust kehate ho to tumhare yaha pakistan me muslim bhi safe nahe hai!!! tum log masjid ko pak bolate ho...to tumhare hi log masjid me bomb kyun blast karate hai!! pakistan se jyada muslim india me hai,,,!!! pata hai,,,,hamare yaha muslim bhi president ban sakta hai!!! salo agar gandhiji na hote to 1947 me 55 crore nahi milte!!!pata hai??to phir sarkar kaise banti??hum log mil jul ke rehne me mante hai uska tum log galat matlab mat mikalo..!!!!pehle muslim ko achha banao!!mosque me bomb nahi fodate batao....iraq aur iran me 10 saalo ke war me 20,00,000 muslim(common people) mare gaye...!!! hum ko bolte ho,,,,hum ne kabhi koi hindi bhai ka lahu nahi bahaya.....are musalman ka meaning jaante(samjate) ho???musallam imman...jiska iman amar hai....pehle islam ko pehchano baad me hindu pe aana...2000 saa; purana religion samaj nahi sakate aur aa gaye kal ke launde lakho saal purana hindu dharm sikhane.....aur jankari ke liye manoj kumar ki purab aur paschim,kranti aur sunny ki gaddar dekhna....fir bolna...bhai..(dekho hum indian hi ye kar sakte hai...tum humare bare me galat aur kharab bole fir bhi maine tumhe bhai kaha,,!!)

  63. hahaha a remarkable thing is that PAKISTAN 7th nuclear power of the world is not added in top millitary list hahahahaha nice list and nice joke

  64. surprisingly, there is a mention of 10 countries, but only we Indians and Pakistanis are fighting to prove our point. There is a saying in our Indian family when kids fight : "bada kaun hai? jo bade hote hai unhe samajhna chahiye" So my Indian fellowmen plz stop this. We have much better things to do. We have to be on the first place of this list. Lets show the whole world that for last 3500 years we believe in action. Let others do the bragging.

  65. U stupid pakis won't understand the greatness of India. U pakis can't think beyond the narrow interpretation of a particular religion. U stupid kasuri having no knowledge of anything just braying like a stupid donkey. Do u know the state of affairs of ur country. In the name of religion innocent people r being killed..u guys r responsible for tarnishing the image of Islam...how u can call by bad names to other religions who has given u this authority. ..Mr. kasuri ur narrow mindedness shows that the gloomy future of ur stupid country...never ever try to compete ur stupid country with a great country like INDIA..sarey jahan se accha hindustan hamara....u stupid Pakistanis play the dirty game of religion coz u can't think beyond this...u guys have no quality education. ..product of backward madrasas...ur teachers themselves r illiterates...just go and learn good etiquettes of discussion.....stupid illiterates

  66. Yeh post 16 october 2012 main ki gai thi ,and yahan pe 2 saal se pakistan ,india kia jaa raha hai, itni kia nafrat hai yaar. hum sab insaan hain yaar, chahe koi bhi mazhab ho har religion hamain pehle humanity sikhaata hai ,baad main sab kuch, dafa karo yaar pehle hum sab mil kar hi rehte thay na, aaj tak war se kis ka faida hua hai? hum larte hain tamasha koi aur dekhta hai, i think hamain ek dosro pe ungli uthane se acha hai khud ko thek karain, no doubt india hum se agay hai, technology wise, I.T wise and population wise too. par hamain sabak lena chaie maazi se ke koi bhi mulq war karke kamyaab nahi hua hai, war main sirf aur sirf economy barbaad hoti hain and nothing else......

  67. Why is Pakistan worried about Indian and other developed nations's Army?
    You should worry about your own country, you live in a broken country. A broken economy. No future. Hungry nation. Please forget India and try to save your country.

  68. Indian women and Pakastani women are great in bed... I know as I had a few of each in my younger days:) MAKE LOVE NOT WAR :)

  69. dont forget about the fanatical North koreans ... they are surely in the top 5... how many nations can march a million soldiers (albeit brainwashed) down the main street?

  70. i just only shame on pakistan"s people.......they should reach to their mother and ask the milk which was given to them in childhood that was their mother"s milk....or that was also also given by usa........