Saturday, December 15, 2012

Military and Civilian Travel Checklist

These travel checklists are particularly useful for military persons who are (especially temporarily) posted in a different base or training facility away from their home unit. The checklists are also important for business travels involving conferences, presentations and meetings. Within a single day of training, there is usually a requirement to report in service uniform and change into civilian clothing when traveling to the airport. That means, the military personnel will bring a bag for civvy (civilian) kit for changing. Although hotels provide some of the items, for instance, shampoo, soap, and towels, it is beneficial to always bring personal items that the hotel have in their suites or rooms. The kits list below can be modified to suit the duration of the travel. For example, if the trip is only for one week, the number of uniform shirts can be three and the number of trousers can be only two (depending).

On the Uniform Kit, the lint remover is not part of the uniform but it is useful for removing unnecessary dirt, threads, and lint. With respect to the In Person kit, the earphones are also included in the list because although airlines provide earphones, their quality is not very good. The other kits are straightforward. These lists provide the basic items and are by no means complete, therefore, they are adjustable according to the military personnels' requirements and needs.

1. Peak Cap
2. Shirt short sleeves
3. Shirt long sleeves
4. Neck tie
5. Tunic
6. Name tag
7. Medals and Bars
8. Belt
9. Trousers
10. Shoes oxfords
11. Socks
12. Lint remover

1. Shoe polish, Kiwi
2. Gloss polish, Kiwi
3. Kiwi cloth
4. Shoe brush
5. Small brush for application (toothbrush)

1. Tooth brush
2. Tooth paste
3. Tooth pick
4. Dental floss

1. Shaving cream
2. Razor
3. Razor blades

1. Slippers
2. Shampoo
3. Soap
4. Towel
5. Deodorant

1. Shirt, golf
2. Shirt short sleeves
3. Shirt long sleeves
4. Jacket/Blazer
5. Necktie
6. Trousers, slacks
7. Pants, jeans
8. Belt
9. Shirt, indoor
10. Short pants
11. Underwears, briefs
12. Undershirts
13. Socks
14. Black shoes
15. Rubber shoes, sneakers, running shoes

1. Laptop computer
2. Laptop charger
3. Web camera
4. Alarm clock
5. Alarm clock backup battery

1. Passport
2. Ticket
3. Military ID, government photo IDs
4. Wallet
5. Cash for taxi
6. Keys
7. Cellular phone
8. Cell phone charger
9. Wrist watch
10. Ear phones

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