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Travel Checklist for Military, Business, and Vacation Trips

This travel checklist is for military professionals, business executives, and leisure vacation travelers. For the military personnel, this travel list is for Navy, however, for Army and Airforce, adjust the list with the corresponding uniforms in respective service environments. These travel items can be logically grouped or categorized according to purpose, similarity, convenience, or safety. To illustrate this, you can group electronic items such as portable dvd players, psp game consoles, power bars, chargers, pda, etc. For grouping with respect to safety, you can put pocket mirrors or other breakable and sensitive items in the middle of clothes for protection against impact and mishandling of airport workers, conveyors, and carriers. When buying electrical and electronic equipment, it is wise to check for interoperability. Some countries have different voltage and frequency standards, so a voltage range of 100-240 Volts and frequency range of 50-60 Hz should work in power source outlets having 110 Volts, 120 Volts, 220 Volts in 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Modern chargers for laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, and other electronic gadgets have a flexible range of 100-240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. You can personalize your list according to your preferences. This list is arranged according to how it is packed in the luggage bag, kit bag (duffle bag), and hand-carry bag (suitcase or laptop bag).

Major airline weight limitations and size restrictions

Check-in Baggage (Luggage):
Maximum weight: 50 lbs or 23 kg
Maximum size: 62 in. or 157 cm - total of Length, Width, and Height

Hand-carry or Carry-on bag:
Maximum weight: 22 lb. or 10 kg
Maximum dimensions: 21.5 in. x 9 in. x 15.5 in. (55 cm x 23 cm x 40 cm)

For a simple list, you can group travel items according to these general categories:

1. Business or Work-related
2. Travel papers and documents
3. Bedroom stuff
4. Bathroom (toiletries)
5. Gym and Exercise
6. Casual
7. Entertainment
8. Miscellaneous (hangers, iron, etc.)
9. Carried, worn in person

Luggage bag (check in):
Tunic (coat) - navy
Long sleeved white dress shirts - navy
Short sleeves white dress shirt - navy
White mess dress shirt pleated - navy
Black dress pants - navy
Black sweater (winter) - navy
Peak cap headdress
Ball cap
Gloves combat
Gloves dress leather
Military Uniform Accessories:
- accoutrements
- epaulets
- shoulder boards
- name tags
- dog tag
- medals
- bars
- decorations
- belt navy
- neck tie black
- bow tie black
- cuff links for mess dress
Casual shirts long sleeves
Casual shirts short sleeved
Casual pants or trousers (slacks, chino, khaki fabric)
Bedroom shirts
Bedroom shorts
Shorts PT (Physical Training)
Gym shirts
Gym pants
Bath towel
Face towel
Hangers for clothes
Lint remover
Laundry bag
Nail cutter
Small multi-tool
DVD portable player
Padlock keys
Civilian Accessories:
- belt leather
- neck tie

Kit bag (duffle bag):
Naval Combat Dress (NCD) shirt blue
NCD shirt black
NCD jacket
NCD pants
NCD boots
Shoes oxford - navy
Shoes formal dress black
Shoes gym rubber sneakers
Socks combat
Socks dress
Socks PT (Physical Training)
Power bar
Shoulder bag
- shampoo
- conditioner
- bar soap
- deodorant (spray, roll-on anti-perspirant)
- toothpaste
- toothbrush
- dental floss
- dental toothpick
- mouthwash
- cotton buds
- hair comb
- shower sandals
Shaving kit:
- razor
- razor blades
- shaving cream
Shoe-shine kit:
- shoe polish
- shoe polish gloss
- kiwi cloth
- shoe brush soft bristles

Hand-carry bag:
Travel documents:
- travel itinerary
- posting message
- travel claims
- travel checklist
- baggage claim forms
- customs forms
- furniture and effects forms
- travel guide books
- maps
Laptop computer
Laptop charger
Ipad charger
Tablet computer
Tablet charger
Pocket notebook
Alarm clock
Cellphone charger
PSP game console (portable gaming system)
Games (discs, CDs, DVDs)
Digital camera
Battery chargers for electronic equipment
GPS receiver

Worn, Carried in Person (e.g. placed in pockets):
Immigration documents
Boarding pass
Travel tickets
Cellular mobile phone (smartphone)
MP3 player
MP4 player (video player)
Wrist watch
Keys (house, office, apartment, building, etc.)
Government-issued photo IDs
Other photo IDs
Credit cards
Medical or Health cards
Social Insurance cards
List of important contacts and phone numbers
Cash for taxi fare
Extra cash
Coins for payphones, etc.

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